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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

bOOmbAsTik Genting Trip~!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wooh I just came back from a 2 days 1 nite stay at Genting .. and guess what ..?! IT was the Greaatest hardoest genting trip ever !


Monday morning, I went to telok gadong ktm station to wait for hardoala and wun.. and koala is late. :S So i took a 20 minute nap and wun arrived and koala soon after. Wun was holding a gigantic bag so huge she reminded me of Santa, especially when she took out a lolipop from the bag ROFL!

santa wun

We went to Sentral, met up with Hardo Vi hardo Teik Hardo Ceat and all our classmates and got the tickets and stuff. We boarded the Genting bus that took us to Skyway cable car station. In the bus, Meowie was havoc as usual.

Gardener wannabe

The bus ride was terrible. The driver was speeding all teh way up the windy roads as if he was a Need for speed racer . We reached skyway one hour later, and siaw chien threw up, thanks to the horny cow drivin the bus. We got onto the cable car, and i was in the same one as Yee wun, li anne and of coz ... Kavi again.

Ultra kavi

We reached Genting after 15 minutes of breathtaking cable car experience, we then checked in into Ria Apartments. We relaxed abit in our room, and managed to take a few shots.

Gays Rule!

Cute socks on not so cute feet

We got to Outdoor theme park, and the fun begun!

Wun, jia yi, siaw chien

Chik luvs me~

Big Loving Family

We started the day with some flying swings thingy that was ultra fun, i screamed like hell, for those who have never heard me scream before, well its a macho scream LOL. We went on so many rides, there was this Cyclone roller coaster which is the first roler coaster, kinda old and not so scary but Meowie was so scared its kinda funny. Then we went for some go carting, which i strongly recommend u try if u ever visit Genting coz its super ultra fun!! too bad yee wun had some headache so she and cannie's gang went to grab some food and only me kavi anne and luke went to conquer the circuit.

Kavi Schumacher, Anne Schumacher, Joe Schumacher and Luke Schumacher(Clockwise)

We then went for the Bumber Boat ride. The queue was so FREAKIN long and after a long wait ...........

bored koala

..... we got to bump our asses, err i mean bump our bumper boats against each others' .. wow it was FUN! Since there are 9 bumper boats and there were chun chun of us, it was basically a G16 hardo bumping experience!

We then went for the ultimate ride, the CockScrew ..(Correction: CoRRkscrew). It is the longest Roller Coaster in South East Asia if im not mistaken, and it has two loops where we will go 360 degrees WOHOO ! At first it looked scary with the super high track and all, but the moment the roller coaster started moving ... it was all fun and no turning back ! I CONQUERED THE COCKSCREWWWWWWW . ( Sorry no pics guys, we were upside down and all so no one took any pics)

Then came the bang. The BIG bang. Space Shot. err... Kavi calls it SO-LE-RO shot but i have never heard of any soo lero or so leeero shots before so we'll stick with Space Shot. So basically all 8 of them took the ride, yeah EIGHT of them. I kindly offered to be the camera man and to sacrifice my chance of conquering the scariest ride in Genting .. keke NO JOKE IM NO CHICKEN ...so they took the ride, i took photos. I actually videoed Meowie Anne and Ceat taking the Space shot but until i learn how to upload videos to Blogspot, u guys dont get to see it. HEHE .

Space Shot Conquerors

After the Space shot we went over to the Flying Swings (our first ride) and tried it again. Wohoo i had sore throats after coming down from the ride with all the screaming haha.

We moved on to the Tobagon or sumthin (I forgot the spelling) and it too was one of the more-fun-less-scare rides. It is basically a single seater roller coaster where we go at extreme speeds down the hill. I took pictures for everyone who took the ride so if u took the ride and u want ur ultra hardo cool pic, msg me. I'll just post Luke's one here.

After all the rides, it was kinda getting dark and we planned to take our last ride, the Flying Dragon, before leaving . However ...... we passed the Cyclone Coaster and saw the queue was super short, WOHOO, this calls for ANOThER HARDO CYCLONE RIDE ! The mist was getting real thick, and it was really dark within minutes .... it was goin to rain, and yet, me kavi wun and ceat joined the queue hehe. By the time it was me and kavi's turn, it was already drizzling. WOHOO !! exactly what we have been waiting for . How often do u get to take a roller coaster in the rain in the dark ?! The ride was really nice with all the cool breeze and the mist in our face. Meanwhile, Li anne and Luke who are bit pening-ed after the space shot opted not to take this coaster ride, and chose to wait for us instead. Luke was really hungy, and ate and ate and ate again..

Soon it was dark and raining ... the rides are all closed for safety purposes and cannie and her bros went back to our apartment to bathe . Me kavi luke Yun ceat Li Anne Yee wun decided to stay .. and went to jalan jalan around the theme park instead. Holeey ... the theme park is super super beautiful at night , with all the mist and lights creating the right atmosphere. We walked around , until ....

1. I saw a stupid looking soldier statue
2. I went up to it and tried to make fun of it.
3. HOLEY! the thing moved suddenly and gave me a shock of my life.
4. Kavi and Li anne laughed like donkeys and then we all took pictures with the moving soldier.

We present... THE STUPID SOLDIER !!

We walked and walked.. and saw a kereta buruk pass by us ! and so , we decided to look for the station to board the kereta buruk ride. Err a kereta buruk is a motorized vehicle that moves on a track around genting which we can ride for some sightseeing. Me wun and lianne were on the same kereta, and we did some cam-whoring :p

After the slow kereta buruk ride we went back to First World for dinner. The rain is pretty heavy by then. We went to KFC for dinner and i took 4 pieces of chicken hehe. We walked around abit, and as the rain gets smaller we decided to go have a walk at the theme park again. The view was really nice and we enjoyed every bit of the walk despite the icy cold winds and drizzle. We walked and walked and saw a funny looking structure with the sign "Pirate House". Sensing adventure, we decided to brave the haunted house. Kavi and Yee Wun and Li Anne were screaming like monkeys haha and i managed to take a few pics. For your information, the ghosts in the ghost house are not scary at all.

Anne and Wun posing in the ghost house.

After the ghost house experience we walked around, and snapped a few pics of the spectacular night view at Genting. The theme park is pretty empty by then. (9 something at nite) We walked to an empty square and guess what ? we decided to dance! Can u guys imagine this ? Dancing in the mist, with all the tiny lights around, under the moonlight , fresh air ...... till the guards hinted to us that they are closing. FoooH ! First time being in a theme park from morning till nite for almost 12 hours . We left the theme park, and went back to our apartment.

At our apartment, the girls were supposed to sleep together, and me and luke were supposed to sleep with Cannie's brothers. However, her bros decided to sleep in the hall. So me n luke went to the girls' room and did some ghost story telling in the dark with the aid of a torchlight. We then decided to sleep with the girls (no dirty thoughts) and moved our mattress from the guys' room to the girls' room . I accidentally kicked the darn bed and ended up with a broken toe nail. OUCH !!

Holey mother nature~

We talked alot ..played cards.. cracked alot of stupid jokes, and a stupid flying insect came into our room. We tried to chase it out the windows but to no avail ...argh and in the end the insect disappeared. hoohoo who killed it ? Somebody suggested we take a walk.. and what was the time? 2am. cool hardo people. we went down and it was FReaKin cold i could have gotten a frostbite. Minus the chilly winds and creepy lifts, it was a nice walk. We got up and still feeling excited about the cold chilly winds, somebody suggested we wake up at 7 am the next morning and go for a jog. Appararently somebody agreed, so Yun Ceat set the alarm and off we went to bed.


Deep in my dreams, i could feel my head shaking ... everything is shaking ... is it an earth quake ? im not sure ..... gosh .... Then came a deafening ring .... it reminds me of an alarm clock .. with all my strength, i opened my eyes.


Apparently yun ceat left her phone under my pillow and the alarm went off and i was the only one who kena the full blast of the alarm+ super vibration. i woke up, and everybody was still sleeping. Then i got an idea. Luke put toothpaste on my face during the Sunway stayover. ITS PAY BACK TIME kekeke .... but too bad ... i couldnt find the toothpaste, so i went back to my bed and slept for another 30 minutes. I woke up, and still, everybody is sleeping... nobody remembered or cared about the joggin thingy we planend before. haha i was wide awake then, and my brains were fully functioning. i remembered the toothpaste was in the bathroom so i sneaked to the bathroom and got it and went back to our room. Kavi was awake, and so is luke.(half awake) So its time to switch target, and since everybody was covering thier heads with blanket except yee wun and li anne....HOHOHO its party time !

Wohoo mission accomplished ! Guys this is the only chance u get to see koala with Toothpaste on her face and tissue in her mouth! Enjoy and thank me keke
After all the girls woke up (i spent 1 hour waking them) and had breakfast... Cannie and Siaw Chien and Wun and cannie's bros went to Snow world. Me kavi Ceat Luke and Lianne, however opted for Rainforest Splash Pool. It was an experience we will never forget. Thru first world we went to the rainforest splash pool, which is more like a kiddie pool with the depth of pool barely reachin my knees. There were slides and all, but the best part was, the WARM pool water. Yes u heard me right. They use warm water and at some parts where the water was HOT, it was like a jacuzzi. We lazed around, and relaxed in the warm water. Refreshing ! Then we went down the slides in cool fashion with heads facing front, legs facing front, upside down and all sorts of silly actions and laughter filled the air. Also we got to know a young kid who apparently enjoyed our hardo styles and decided to join us .... After about 1 hour, we left the pool, washed up, and had lunch.
We met up with Cannie and the rest of the gang at the cable car station about an hour later. We got into the cable car, and as we glided down, we bid farewell to this wonderful resort.
To those who didnt join us, u didnt just miss a Genting trip. YOU MISSED A HELL OF AN EXPERIENCE.

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Phew ~

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wohoo guys ..my blog is finally created. Well i have always thought  
blogs are a joke .. hmm im actually ...Blogging now!  Im new to this crap .. err not crap sorry ... and i will get help from brader Choy. So soon u guys will see something cool here. Now my blog is not that cool, but still very cool, coz this is the site of a cool guy .. argh okay i'll stop the crapping here. I'll be right back, with more crap and cool stuffs. Ciaoz
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