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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Looking back at 2007

Sunday, December 30, 2007

well its the 2nd last day of the year now, 2007 has been a pretty exciting year for me. Lotsa challenges, obstacles and shit but phew luckily i got passed them. most at least. :P

Here are the 'BIG STUFF' that happened to me in year 2007.

1. I started Uni

Heheheh i started a new chapter of my life. Uni life is pretty stressful, contrary to what people always say. Met a bunch of new buddies, got really close to some of em' . Miss college days, but heck you got to move on right? Learnt alof of new stuff, and got closer to becoming a legendary engineer. :D

2. I got a new guitar

I bought an Aria AW-20 CE after saving for like 5 months. phew. An acoustic guitar finally. Ive always wanted an acoustic guitar because i cant really play music with friend with my classical guitar. clasical guitar is only good for melting girls, not guys like Adrian and Lok Soon. So yeap i got this acoustic guitarand we had a couple of (successful?)jam sessions. I love ARIA guitars because they're fucking cheap

3. I underwent an Appendix removal surgery

I remember getting the pain on a sunday night, right after dinner. and i thought OMG i must have eaten some bak kut teh with cockroach in it or somethin because it felt like the usual food poisoning kinda stomach ache. There are two types of appendix infection: the fast action type and the slow one. In my case it was the slow one as with the fast one the person will be KOed in a couple of hours . and i .. ahem only KOed two days later on tuesday. I actually went for swimming on Tuesday morning with Kavi and adrian and kienseng while enduring the pain. hardcore eh. not to mention i had a big meal of bak kut teh before the surgery and the doc was like WTF. i now have a nice sexy appendix wound on the right side of my abdomen:P

4. I . Failed. Dynamics.

My first (and hopefully the last) failure in uni. holy crap now my engineering course is stretched to FIVE years because apparently they do not have summer skul for this sub and i have to retake it in my fifth year.

5. I helped out with Monash Motor Carnival

The stupidest thing ive done. Security Team kononya. I did so much of work, together with the rest of the gang (Adrian Shanq and Lok), while some other security members went around chatting with girls and nto doin shit. and we didnt get paid or anything, only fun part was the crap we talked and did while working.

6. I stayed over at the National Museum. How cool is that? ;P

Thanks to Nash we got to know bout this, and ADrian Lok and Shanq and I went right after uni. Was really a blast. had so much fun. Met a bunch of new people and made friends. best of all, Im PATRIOTIC! :D

7. I went to the Monash Ball

Cant believe i actually volunteered to be security AGAIN. Uni stress must have knocked my sanity to Mars or something. and not just me. Adrian Lok and Shanq as well. Did i enjoy myself? if yyour definition of ENJOYMENT is guarding kitchen and backstage and front door yeah then i DID enjoy myself. luckiyl i took a few pics with some hot chicks to make up for the dsiappointment. :P

8. I struggled with Electricals

Ive never worked so hard for a sub before. My failure with dynamics gave me a real hard blow and i pushed myself to my limits with this one. Its my weakest sub and ive never studied so hard in my LIFE for one particular sub. Luckily its over :D

9. I celebrated my 19th birthday at Kavi's place.

One of the best days of my life :D. BBQed, chatted, had fun till late at night before we spent the night at vi's place. A day to remember, definitely.

10. I fell in love.

I <3>
WIshing you guys Happy New year and i hope u guys have fun withyour countdown parties!
Cya next year!
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Totally sucked. Full of blood and stupid effects but thruout the show i was half asleep. IMO, its a total failure.
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RG Warmachine vs Orphans

Saturday, December 22, 2007

wohoo i know most of the readers here have no idea wtf Utopia is, but im gona blog bout it anyway.

Utopia is a massive online role playing bla bla bla go here http://games.swirve.com/utopia

To know more of the game, go here http://games.swirve.com/utopia/help

To challenge me and my kingdom, go here http://games.swirve.com/utopia/newacct.htm

RG WarMachine (18:11) my kingdom


Orphans (3:10)

on May yr8, RG warmachine(18:11) waved Orphans (3:10) for a war. Warmachine has been waving kds all around for one full week, and they all ran away, until finally Orphans answered the challenge by giving Warmachine a wave of their own. Warmachine gave max hits for one full day and finally, Orphans got the war button and declared immediately:

July 8th, YR8 Orphans HOSTILE (3:10) has declared WAR with our kingdom!

There was a brief spar in the joint forums as Warmachine wanted a standard 72 hour war with no dragons and no PK (province killing). Orphans, however replied 'our terms: no minimum war time, loser withraws, at least 5 dragons, and plenty of PK.

At the start of war,

July 8th, YR8 Orphans HOSTILE (3:10) has begun a Emerald Dragon project targetted against us!

and Orphans begun doin massacre attacks on all provinces.

Warmachine countered with a dragon of their own,

July 9th, YR8 Our kingdom has begun a Emerald Dragon project targetted at Orphans WAR (3:10).

and used a chaining tactic, gangbanging 3 provinces at a time. Warmachine pulled off an impressive chain on Iam Master Chief, Iam Herrestad, Iam Herrestad, and IamPopnFresh by bringing them down to less than 400 acres.

Orphans on the other hand continued with their Massacre hits, killing lotsa peasants, thieves and wizards in Warmachine.

January 18th, YR9 Our dragon has set flight to ravage Orphans WAR (3:10)!

January 19th, YR9 A Emerald Dragon from Orphans WAR (3:10) has begun ravaging our lands!

There was plenty of action, with both warring kingdoms giving their all in the battle of the titans. Both kingdoms had a record of Wars:3 Wins:2 and were not willing to give this war away easily.

Due to internal problems, one province from Warmachine deleted this account, putting warmachine at a disadvantage. Hits were intensified as provinces from both kds begun to multi tap, with Warmachine provinces multi tapping all teh way.

After 48 hours into the war, Orphans switched tactics and begun to chain one Warmachine province at a time. First casualty was RG BabyWARme1MorTime who lost more than 10k pezzies and was almost PKed. Nevetheless his activity and experience brought him back in the game and he continued fighting.

The action went on for many days and half the provinces from both kingdoms were destroyed. Orphans sent another dragon but Warmachine strategically decided to keep the dragon.

Orphans initial massacre wave proved useful when RG Warmachine begun to crumble as they were being pummeled by TM ops, without their wizards' protectin. The gnomes in Orphans begun to outgrow warmachine and RG Warmachine soon found out that they were unable to braek the defenses of the larger provinces in Orphans.

After approximately 16 days of war, RG Warmachine decided to throw in the towel and withraw.

March 23rd, YR11 Unable to achieve victory, our Kingdom has withdrawn from war with Orphans WAR (3:10). Our failed war has finally ended!

Warmachine, altho losing the war, gained honor and land.

and now warmachine looks like this on the kingdom page:

** This Kingdom (18:11) Gains/Losses **Overall Gains: 5,169 acres.

1. +1,395 acres: [anonymous province] (15/)
2. +1,018 acres: Harbinger (18/1)
3. +1,015 acres: RG Brookside (33/43)
4. +706 acres: RG NanamiLovesWAR (43/25)
5. +636 acres: Frvej (43/21)
6. +616 acres: Kingdom Of Hearts (41/14)
7. +520 acres: RG WarGodNiefelheim (36/41)
8. +514 acres: RG Hidden Lands (34/23)
9. +502 acres: Chuvaness (26/18)
10. +499 acres: RG War Sentinel (50/35)
11. +454 acres: RG SewingLifeinWAR (26/8)
12. +443 acres: RG X warisback X (16/11)
13. +332 acres: Alleria (34/71)
14. +257 acres: RG Backhand (11/4)
15. +179 acres: RG GrraawwWARrrr (1/2)
16. +113 acres: RG Mooncall (9/21)
17. +49 acres: Opus Dei (49/44)
18. -21 acres: Chaos 3 (11/11)
19. -55 acres: DontBurnThePig (40/47)
20. -96 acres: RG BabyWARme1MorTime (71/85)
21. -106 acres: RG WishesAndReality (33/31)
22. -227 acres: Legoland (12/5)
23. -307 acres: RG Heggby (44/40)
24. -356 acres: RG Psychopath (/12)
25. -507 acres: RG UNKNOWN GNOME (50/83)
26. -642 acres: RG SherwoodForestWar (31/51)
27. -1,762 acres: RG Lizard Lips (17/42)

** Enemy Kingdom (3:10) Gains/Losses **
Overall Losses: -7,204 acres.Attacks: 786 made / 794 suffered
1. +1,416 acres: I am Limetti (40/12)
2. +1,337 acres: I am Innocent (34/8)
3. +1,220 acres: I am Zahadum (38/)
4. +1,095 acres: I am Your Maker (49/10)
5. +771 acres: I am Pinoy (27/4)
6. +698 acres: I am thenewking (39/11)
7. +481 acres: I am mouse (29/23)
8. +433 acres: I am better than you (30/23)
9. +45 acres: lllllllll0lllllllll (7/9)
10. +28 acres: PhantasyLand (28/25)
11. no change: [anonymous province] (1/)
12. -100 acres: The Dark Towers (/8)
13. -108 acres: Killing Fields (9/9)
14. -293 acres: I am Will (25/18)
15. -422 acres: I am Magic (12/17)
16. -545 acres: I am Khan (15/11)
17. -586 acres: I am Cebuano (21/24)
18. -772 acres: I am dlam (37/36)
19. -822 acres: I am Popnfresh (65/79)
20. -939 acres: Dice4Life 11 (6/13)
21. -970 acres: I am Naughty (49/48)
22. -990 acres: I am Master Chief (44/71)
23. -1,126 acres: I am Xena (25/32)
24. -1,137 acres: I am Shengz (22/29)
25. -1,471 acres: I am Me (32/26)
26. -1,806 acres: I am Herrestad (42/113)
27. -2,641 acres: I am Man (60/135)

Finally this whole shit is over. i had to set my alarm clock to wake up in the mid of the night to make hits for this war as the whole thing moves in real time. Anne should know this she once saw me come online at 3am in the morning. (oh maybe she plays utopia too :P)

btw im RG BabyWARme1MorTime :P

ps this game is really fun :D
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hell this hurts. :(
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Tagged by li anne. I went to her blog and saw her latest tagged post and i thought OMG ITS FUN and i am actually making this post in the morning(i normally dont blog in the mornings because my brain is usually half dead).

-Do not copy answers.
-The tag questions must be 100% the same.
-List out 20 names.
-Tag people after doing it.

1. Kavi
2. Adrian
3. Li Anne
4. Yee Wun
5. Mien Lim
6. Luke Teik Ong Jee
7. Shanq Yeet
8. Lok Soon
9. Jolene Anne something
10. Kien Seng
11. Kai Keat
12. Yun Ceat
13. Faye
14. Sean Chew
15. Why yip ? :D
16. Xiu Yang
17. Siaw Chien
18. Sarah Q
19. William Lai
20. Chiew Li



How do you know 14? Sean Chew
-Walew i met the king of jokers last year, during sam. He acted cool for the first few days but he quickly reverted to his true monkey self soon enough :D

What would you do if you had never met 1? Kavi
-I dont know. She plays a big role in my life, so i would be a very different person, definitely.

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? Jolene and Chiew Li
-wah i'll melt and die 999 times

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? Luke and Siaw Chien
-WOOT! no comments haha

Do you think 8 is attractive? Lok Soon
-erm.. yeap! shit i sounded gay

Do you know anything about 12’s family? Yun Ceat
-She has a mum and dad and Ben and many small kids in her house

Tell me something about 7. Shanq Yeet
-One of my best friends, got brains, got looks, no balls.

What is 18’s favourite? Sarah Q
-errr..Biotech? Hahaha ok just kiddin

What language does 15 speak? Why (Wai) Yip
-Martian? nah he speaks English and hakka

Who is going out with 19? William Lai

How old is 16 now? Xiu Yang
-Biologically 19, mentally 7.

When was the last time you talked to 13? Faye
-Before she left for US.

Who is 2’s favourite singer? Adrian
-some Korean porn star who sings .

Would you date 4? Yee Wun
-wah. lets rock! Just dont whip me on our dates.

Would you date 17? Siaw Chien

Is 15 single? Why Yip

What is 10’s last name? Kien Seng
-Loo. (or is it Pan ;p )

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? Kai Keat
-Yes if i ever undergo a sex change.

Which school does 3 go to? Li Anne
-SEDAYA! boleh! UPAYA boleh! i mean UCSI.

Where does 6 live? Luke Teik Ong Jee

What is your favourite thing about 5? Mien Lim
-Hes a very good listener.

I dont wanna go around dropping 'Youre tagged!' messages, so


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Was lookin thru my temporary pics folder when i came across this:

3 steps away from complete domination :P

just a random pic to end the day.

I m gona sleep now. tata
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Monday, December 10, 2007


Wohoo luckily i passed the undang test. i didnt study at all. in fact i only remembered it yesterday :)

At the undang test area, i waited for a while before my name was called. That guy asked for a RM 10 registration fee or smething. I opened my wallet. KNNBCCBBQSOS i had only rm 7.50. Overspending rocks.

" ahem. can i pay the 10 ringgit later?" i asked.
"Sure" he said.

As i was walkin back he called me again.

"Boy ..slipper cannot go in" he said, referring to my super sexy slippers, that i cannot go into the test area wearing slippers.


So i called my dad and he brought me my shoes+money+some hardcore scolding.

5 days ago i went for the 5 hour ceramah. hell it was the most boring piece of shit ever. not sure how i'll handle the coming 6 hour Amali lecture but i have an idea:

Honestly i didnt like the way the lecturer DRAGGED the ceramah on and on just because he HAD to make it a 5 hour ceramah. im quite sure he could have finished the stupid talk within 2 hours but hell yeah i should stop whining because everybody goes thru it as well.

and half way thru the talk, we came across the word 'Exercise'. The lecturer then sprang into some stupid Tai Chi frenzy, telling us about his past and how good he was with tai chi. Still that wasnt the worst part. He then went around lookin for volunteers (more like forcing people) to let him try out his kung fu. Yeap he wanted to try his Kung Fu Tembikai(Thats what he called it) on us. He came straight to me, when i was in operation fishing aka half asleep. Before i could say WTF, he landed a punch on my left shoulder. and another. and another.

POWER TAK? he asked.

NIAMA GO F*** YOURSELF. I said in my heart.

The whole class looked in disbelief and i was of course still in shock. what a traumatic experience

and yea i cant wait to take my on-the-road lessons.

bye peeps.
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Penang trip part 3

Monday, December 3, 2007

ok should have updated this long ago but some many stuff came up and i postponed this post till now :)

Well on the 3rd day of my stay in penang, we moved from my mum's cousin's place to my third aunt's place. And we met my mum's sisters for breakfast. we went to a super famous Hokkien Mee (known as Prawn Mee or Har Mee in Klang Valley) stall that was once featured in a TheStar article.

Wow it sure is a class above the rest. and i whacked a plate of char koay teow too, after taking down a Large bowl of prawn mee. Well my appetite doubled when i was in penang =)

Spent the afternoon visitng my cousins' shops. we went to my 2nd aunt's house too.

In the evening, we decided to go SIPUT HUNTING at the famous Batu Ferringhi beach.

When we got there,

Where are the sandy white beaches?

Where is the crystal clear sea water?

But still, we found a nice spot and decided to attack the siputs right away.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

and so the rest begun their invasion of the beach, taking tiny siputs as their prisoners.

Plunder away!

My nephews havin fun

and i managed to get a nice shot of the beach

Nice shot eh. professional foooooo

My mum and sis with their prisoners of war.

WHen my aunt first talked about siput hunting i imagined the siputs to be brave snail warriors carrying mobile nuclear silos on their backs marching up the beach to fight us human invaders.

Well the truth was ....

disappointing. i thought siputs mean SNAILS, not tiny fucked up lalas. (woot thinks lala muis)

wahahah cute eh. niece and 2nd aunt.

Then came the ultimate sacrifice. I wanted to make a super jump shot for you readers,

and i paid the price.
Right beneath those waters are a pile of sharp rocks. Rocks that are pointed and ready to ambush any innocent trespasser. And i fell victim to the perangkap berdada(booby trap) of the sea.
The rocks pierced into my flesh OUCH. In this pic my wounds look like scratches but honestly, the cuts were deep and i bled like some mofo
After that we went for another seafood dinner. more snails. ugh.


No im not the monyet wtf.
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Lets drive!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Whos gona be my first passenger?
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