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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

50% ffk rate

Friday, January 26, 2007

hmm .. today we went to sunway pyramid for Death Note: The 
Last Note. When i say WE,i do not mean the initial 8 hardos who
were supposed to go together for another Death Note
movie. I only mean the FOUR who actually took the effort to go
to pyramid for an outing
with friends. Well seriously Kavi's the only one who actually makes
an effort EVERY TIME
to join us even when she's sick. And im the one who cancels all my
plans on every weds
hoping that we could all go on a 3k outing. Guess what. it seems
only me, kavi and a VERY
FEW others are actively participating in our outings. Well, yeah
we are all people who's
got nothing important to do. We dont have appointments. We
dont have parents. We live inside Sunway Pyramid.  Inside 3k.
We have a driver waiting to send us to anywhere we want to go
anytime we want. We got no life. That's why we actually turn
up for every outing. That's what you are thinking rite? Seriously
you are darn f*cking wrong. The only reason we turn up everytime
is because we actually think that goin out with friends are
important. THATS THE ONLY REASON. we treasure friends.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, we treasure promises. When you say
u're coming, PLEASE MOVE YOUR ARSE down here. If you cant,
please just drop a msg saying you cant come. Do you guys know
that Kavi takes more than 1 hour to come to Subang from Kepong?
And she actually reaches Subang around 7.30 am coz she got no
WET DREAMS. Everybody has their own priorities, but please do
F F K. A yes is a yes and a no is a no. simple. when kien seng broke
his neck, he said he cant come. thats all. simple. When he's got waffles
to bake, he smses me telling me he cant come.  At least we wont
be expecting him to come only to find out that he is not comin afterall.

So .. give three cheers for Anne, Kavi and Panmeen.

And another twenty cheers to Kavi (again) who  actually waited for more
than 2 hours for us everytime. :p

This message is not directed to anybody. No offense at all.
Its merely Joe in a rare PMS mood. If it offended you, i sincerely

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power-packed words

Thursday, January 25, 2007

im not in a good mood, not really in a mood to crap alot. so i'll
 just list down the words/
shortforms that were significant to me on this day.
(its up to you, or not, to find out what they mean)

B tech 
G tech





sigh ..
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Lagoon Party 07

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

                 L A G O O N   P A R T Y  0 7' 

                      LETS ROCK !

Time: To be confirmed later
Date: 19th January 2007
Location: Sunway Lagoon DUH

If you're some cool kid, wanting some cool fun, with some cool gang, on a cool Friday (well it might be sunny ... but still cool), and most importantly, YOU WANNA ROCK, then please come join the cool G16 gang at the cool place, Sunway Lagoon. Cya there!

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random spammerization

Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok im bored and i just wanna spam my own blog. so i'll tell u wat i ate for lunch.

5 pieces of bread
5 eggs

i somehow managed to make it into a double, eh eh no tripple, 
NO quadruple , (ARGH is there 
anything for 5 ) egg burger. COOL EH. i got  myself loaded with
vitamin E roflmao.

ALSO, i found a new game (well its rather super old actually)
game to keep me occupied. GAME BOY POKEMON
TRADING CARDS IN PC ! i wanted to play this since
a long time ago ... well its FUN !

tata. gaming time. muaks love u all.
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Im in. wheeee ~ i thought i was rejected

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Secrets revealed~

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

QUOTED FROM KAVITHA JAYAKUMAR's BLOG POST on Sunday, January 7, 2007, at 5.32pm.

"my barely-there muscles have become invisible.."  (paragraph 3, line 6)

Muscles eh? I decided to run a hardo check on kavi's background, and the check unveiled many hidden secrets of hers. She may look small and vulnerable now, but heh heh looks can be deceiving. Today i shall reveal her greatest secret of all time !

Three hundred and eighty five thousand years ago, kavi was in a secret organization called I.A.S.E.T  and the leader of the organization was none other than John Ordinald Enrique.
She was known as Kavi "The Big Cat" -tha back then. Everybody feared her .... yet i risked my life and grabbed hold of the last proof of her being an IASET member ....a photo of her then...........





Kavi "The big cat"-tha was once the captain of the elite HG team, the front force of IASET organization.

Today, kavi remains an undisputed force of the IASET organization. However she wants to keep a low profile and live a normal life, hence she shedded her super power packed muscles, taking the frame of a three year old instead.  Nowadays she spends her free time o2 jamming, disturbing stray cats, and playing badminton. THE BIG CAT has been tamed.

=the end=

**by the way only Kavi knows wats IASET so dont ask me.

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Operation swimmerization

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

wohooo .. ok this morning we went to college early to sell some crapo sam books. 
fast forward and we met up with lianne and kavi around 1 pm. so me wun adrian luke, luke's gf, 
anne and kavi went to 3k for swimming. we took a bus there and fooooooooo

 ok we reached, and payed 2 bucks each to go into the pool. WAhahwaha they look really different in swimsuits.(the girls of coz) especially lianne, blue swimsuit + blu cap = blu swimming koala. -.-"

  we did lots of funny stuffs, i taught wun and adrian abit of swimming, anne too, so all of u guys better thank me if u people end up being swimming champs one day. (well dont blame me if u drown) we played some horseman game (anne's idea) and we charged at each other with another person on our neck like some moron gladiators haha.( i had kavi on my neck, and bernie on luke's neck) .

 kavi and i tried some hardo style diving too. now shes really good at it she can dive from the Niagara Falls with no problem . weeeeehoooooo im a hardo coach.


well time for some hardo pics ......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

posers ... kavi's in the middle, on TOP of me. luke on left and anne on right

yes ... i happen to have a fetish for frisbees :p

hot guys ........naked

Team Hardo at the ktm

im the star, they're the sidekicks

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2007 here i come!

Monday, January 1, 2007

wohooo its the moment the whole world has been waiting for. the tata-ing 
of 2006 and the hello-ing of 2007. hmm.. i decided to spend the precious countdown 
moment with my friends, and
well .. it sure was a blast !

I went for dinner with my family at Be Be Ho. Holey shyt i cant believe 
im eating this when 
im gonna eat it again with  kavi soon ... so we went there , ordered 
usual stuff. 
Gosh the steamboat
yesterday was U-L-T-R-A  lousy. the soup was so salty i swear i
could drown a turtle in it, and the  shui-gaw i ordered tasted like
old socks. geesh. and yesterday was the first time my family and
i couldnt finish the stuff we ordered .... thanks to the wonderful
change in recipe. ok Mien Lim, Yang, Liang, Keat and Jun were
already partying at Jun's place, and when i finished my dinner,
we decided to meet at a Petrol Station before letting Mien Lim
show me the way to Jun's place. (i dont know where the heck
is his house). so everything went as planned, and i reached
Jun's house. they've bought ALOT of junk food, and they
were busy playin cards when i reached. So i joined in
the fun imediately. First game, BLACKJACK.

objective is to get as many points as possible but not exceeding 21. if u get exactly 21, u win straight away. My initial 'investment' was 10 cents. Hear me ? TEN CENTS only. Coz im a really good guy and good guys dont gamble. :p  so .. ahem.. after a few rounds, and ive been lucky, i won abit.

we proceeded to the next game.

alright this is a new game to me, and its not so common, so i dont
know the name of the game. this is how u play: everybody tosses
the same amount of money (eg 20 cents) and make a money pool.
everybody draws 2 cards. u must then decide whether to draw
the third card. and u must state how much ure willing to gamble
 for it. (the maximum gamble is ALL THE MONEY IN THE
POOL) if the number of the third card lies between your two
initial cards, you get the amount u gambled, from the pool. for
example u drew a 4 and a 10. you think ure a lucky guy and u
decide to gamble for it anyway. You gamble 1 buck. and u draw
a card, the card happends to be a 6. so 6 lies between 4 and 10,
and u get ur 1 buck from the pool. simple eh? if the 3rd card u
draw happens to be the same number as one of the two intial cards, you pay DOUBLE the amount u gambled, into the pool.
its easier if u get 2 cards that are very far apart from each other.
so winners take money away
from the pool and losers fill the pool. ure supposed to play till the
money pool finishes. so in this game, Yang was the loser. yeah
we've all got our wins and losses but he was the ultimate loser
because his losing rate is 100%. yeah he lost every single time.
even when he drew A and a Q (A is smallest and Q is 2nd
largest) he got a K for his third card. (K lies outside the A and
the Q). So basically Liang is the biggest winner, we won like 20
bucks. Im the 2nd biggest winner, i won 10 bucks. weeeeeeee.

we then played the all time favourite, Chor Dai Deeeeeeee.

ok we play standard rules, and when someone wins, for each card in hand, the losers pay 10 cents. so the first game i didnt win, and i have only 1 card in hand, i 
paid 10 cents. hehe. then came the 2nd game. and 3rd game. i didnt win, but i lost like 10 cents
or so for each game. Finally, came the big bang. yeah. the mother of all games. i got a super mega combination of cards in my hand that will allow me to own them from the start to the end. so since i have the 3 of diamond(smallest card), i began my massacre.
1. i put down all the 3s  (ive got them all in  my hand: spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts)
and a 7.
2. everybody passed.
3.i put 3 kings and 2 Js if im not mistaken.
4. everybody passed.
5. i put the double 'di' ( 2 of Hearts and 2 of spades)
6. everybody passed/
7. i put my final card, a 4 i think.

so nobody got to play at all, and all had 13 cards (full) in their hand, so i got 13 x 10 cents x 3 = rm 3.90. weeeee i got super hardo powers.

after a few games .... its ....... COUNTDOWN TIME!!! we were watching Astro countdown at that time and we followed the taiwanese countdown.(same time)


and we jumped and hugged each other like a bunch of retards hahaha. well, i tried smsing but since the reception was bad, only a few messages were sent.

we decided to play the GAME WITH NO NAME again. alrite we played a few rounds, then mien lim got a super combo. a 2 and a Q.  there is a super high chance for him to win, so he decided to gamble EVERYTHING in the pool. there was like 14 bucks in the pool then, and mien lim drew his 3rd card ... ... ... ... a Q !!!!! holey shit that means hes got to repay double, and yes he paid 28 into the pool. so now we've got alot of money in the pool. the game continues, and Mien Lim got the same cards again. he decided to try his luck, and holey shit he got an A !! means he lost again.(but need not pay double thank god) . so he paid again. and the pool is getting really big with a RM50 note in it. then ML's bad luck shifted to Keat. he got an A and a K. guys this are the best cards u can get. almost everything u draw lies between A and K so basically this is a free win. and kai keat was so happy that he gambled everything in the pool. (50 bucks). and he drew his card .. ... ... . an A !!!!!! this is the ultimate draw man. this means he has to repay DOUBLE, 100 bucks into the pool. holey shit ....... since kai keat had no money, we decided to strip him instead. so after some hardo action we let him go, and since its late already, we wanted to end the game, and we decided to write-off kai keat's debt. and we returned the money in the pool to the 2nd biggest loser, Mien Lim. so everybody is happy, shouldnt that be the way ? its new year ! so we all cabuted at around 1 am ...........

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