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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

A Proud Father

Friday, March 23, 2007

            It was a tiring day. But go there i must.  At 6.10 p.m. i reached. Adrian and my dad followed me too. It was supposed to be a private occasion, but Adrian was my good pal so he will be there to share my joy. Standing outside the building, i looked at the setting
 sun, and the evening sky glowing like an ember. I was awaiting my bundle of joy, the only one thing that can
 make me laugh and 
smile in my dreams besides Jessica Alba. (oops~) So it was 
getting late, i took a deep 
breath, and pushed the door open. I went in there with 
Adrian and 
daddy, and there were so
many babies crying in their cradles waiting for their parents. I awaited my baby anxiously, and as the helper went
 to grab mine i couldnt help but
 to go into a state of euphoria. This is it! I'll finally get my baby!
 I'll be  a proud father! I 
turned around, hoping to add some last minute suspense
+surprise element to the 
atmosphere. As i heard the foot steps getting closer and
 closer to me, i knew .. that my baby was ---->   <--------- this close to me. Taking one more deep breath, i closed  my eyes .. and turned. i opened my eyes.


****** WOKEI GUYS THE CRAP STOPS HERE. forgive me for the racism above. no offense really******************

Ladies and gentlemen i present u the ultimate guitar that i just bought 4 hours ago ...

   Joe II- front                       Joe II- Back(sexy ass isnt it)

Brand: Aria Guitars
Model: AW-20 CE
Color: Black
Top: Spruce
Back & Sides: Whitewood
Neck: Hardwood
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups: PZP-1 Piezo
Controls: X-TN 4 band EQ with Auto Tuner


HOLLYYYYY SHIITTTT GUYSSSS.... this guitar is damn good.......... I am really really happy now because the feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. I saved up every penny to get this guitar and yeah because this is the most expensive thing that i bought with my own savings (my dad paid for the pc, sega game machine, playstation .. and all the other expensive stuff in my house) The feeeling is SO GREAT. and this guitar is no shyt guitar the sound is damn nice ... argh its hard 
to illustrate how beautiful this baby is. Aria
is a Japanese brand like Yamaha, but this guitar
was made in the US.
It comes with a pickup, which means i can plug it
 into any mic jack (karaoke machines, hi fi sets,
 television ...etc). It has  a cutaway, the empty space 
on the bottom of the body where i can
 reach for the high 13-20 fret notes. This means i'll 
start learning Canon Rock
 version real soon and hopefully i can
 play it in one year's time.(u just wait, Li Anne) I bought a capo, a strap (so i can play cool and look 
cool), and my dad
a guitar........stand. The only reason he paid for it
because it will serve as an extra decoration
in my hall..

small bro and Big BLACK bro. till death(or Joe) do us apart

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

yo guys my baby is coming this week .. more specifically, thurs. hope nothing changes. I'll be a proud father ! WOHOoOOOOOOOOOO

i havent thought of the name yet ..any suggestions?

I'll give a full blog about my baby later this week. k ? cya guyys .... wah im damn excited
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

sorry guys .. reallly  busy ....

OK i have decided that i will not blog about my Monash genting trip. I will only keep one trully special Genting trip in my blog archives, and yea guys its the g16 hardo genting trip.

Ogay .. in Monash .. there are ALOOOTTTTTTTTT of hot chicks. fooooh. it makes uni so much more enjoyable. Wahhahahah just kiddin.  The down side is the never ending shitload of work. Assignments, tests, tests, and more testicular tests. Gosh when i did the two Chemistry online webtest i got a 7/10 and an 8/10. I thought it was not bad. Guess what. when i went to class, so many @$$es got 10/10. like its some kacang peanuts. And in maths class the other day .. a TER 99 guy sat on my 
left and a TER 99 girl sat on my right. guess what. I GOT DOUBLE NUMBER TER too. TER 88.
Blehhh they made me look like a dumbass when they start solvin maths questions at Mr Incredible speed.

Well, basically the daily routine in Uni besides studying is to SEEK and CONQUER. Seek a girl, Conquer her and get her number. too bad we spent the past 2 weeks seeking but not conquering anything. WAhahaha

OGAY im excited .... TOMORO IS EMILY GOH LAB SESSIONS AGAIN .. wohoooooo thats the only time i enjoy chem. the other chem lecturer ms pushpamapamapamela anderson is so freakin boring that i actually miss swek fang. yeah.

Ok guys .. time to go games+do lab report. C YAaaaa. oh yea btw i miss u guys(girls actually) ALOT. muaks tata
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3K revisited

Friday, March 2, 2007

Rofl suddenly i felt like posting again ..

Ogayy today i went all the way to Monass for just ONE bloody hour of lecture. and its the all time gay karate-kid apek Miyagi lookalike Dr Chong Kong Ming. He is so freakkkkkkkkkin boringgggggggggggggggggggggg ... and the most annoying thing about him is his tagline "Do you understand what im talking?" . He comes into class, mumbles the lecture to himself (0% interaction with us), then turns, DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM TALKING, the whole class will shout YESSSs, and he turns back and continues with his mambojambo. He does that thruout the lecture and i dont 
understand anything he teaches. 

Ok 2nd thing. I dont understand why Monash has to put a bloody time frame for us to get our monash tshirt that they PROMISED us. Not to mention we have to fill up a survey form to tell them how good(or bad) their services are. I gave them 3 over 5 for EVERYTHING, without thinking hahaha. Its like they are trying to make it hard for us to get that damn t shirt. well i promised lianne that i'll makan with her and i had to cancel that appointment just to get the
tshirt coz today(friday) is the last day to get it. crap right?

    S O R R Y  L I A N N E

I finished around 11, coz i only have one Maths lecture. We(adrian luke me) decided to go for
some jamming at
JS Internet Cafe, wohoho it was fun. then we proceeded to 3k. ... for swimming. Well im
sick, down with flu, but i decided to go anyways. Well, the moment we stepped into the swimming pool ... i remembered the moments we spent at the pool. Teaching adrian and yee wun and ceat their first strokes .. doing dog style swimming with lianne, diving at the deep end with kavi.
When i reached the deep end. . gosh i missed the moments when we did the One Two Three Dive! thingy ... it was so fun back then .. when we often went for outings together. Today, alone at the deep end, i didnt even have the mood to dive ... so i went to the shallow end and did acrobatics with luke and brader choy HAhaha.

Ogay guys tmr im goin for Monash Newbie Party @ Genting. Adrian bernie and luke will be
goin too .. will update with pics. HEHE CHICK HUNTING PARTY BEGINSsssssssss.

OOPs. did i just say
Chick Hunting Party? i meant Monash Newbie Party ya. tata !

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@ Monash

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Fooh my first week at Monash was ....kinda fun. Hehe. So now i'll update u guys on my CNY and  Monash stuffs..

Alrity, first day of CNY i went back to Penang for some hardo celebration. And gay luck our car broke down in the middle of the NorthSouth Highway. we were all stranded by the road waiting for PLUS to help us. I managed to camwhore with my sis with the busy northsouth highway as backdrop. After the repairs, continued to penang and went there just in time for a superb seafood dinner with my aunt. Had crabs prawns kepahs and tonnes of seafood. wohoo. Gosh my niece is so damn cute.


Niece and my dearest nephew

Hero and princess

Hardo Gang Penang

2nd day of CNY we went visiting our penang relatives. had more traditional dishes, yum yum. at night went for hardo hawker-food-raid

Had dim sum for breakfast, was very good. Went to aunt's place for last minute packing.
Came back to Klang.

On the 7th day of CNY, went to visit the Klang hardos. was mega fun! First stop was yee wun's house, hehe filled hungry tummy with yummy cookies. Then we proceeded to adriano's house. Tuned adrian's guitar for him coz it sounded quite gay and then did a (or was it 10%?) duet of Canon in D with li anne(gay pianist) . Final destination was li anne's place. Well thats my second time goin to her place hehe. She took her bro's guitar and asked me to play it, which at first i was reluctant to do so coz i personally wouldnt want a stranger to touch my guitar :p But in the end i played with it abit ... before Maydeline (wohoo?) came. She fetched me adriano and yee wun to jusco to watch a movie while she and li anne go for some service or music practice thingy at their church. (they have  a CNY dinner at night and me adrian and yee wun were invited). We watched Norbit. THIS IS A ULTRA MEGA GILA SHOW SO PLEASE WATCH IT. then we proceeded to anne's church. After dinner, everybody went back, as some other people are using the hall. (Celaka Mien Lim totally forgotten about the dinner so he owes me and anne a lunch. 
Yum yum ... thinks of Central Cheese Baked Rice)

Sunday afternoon, mien lim called. apparently we are going on an ang pau raid and hes comin to pick me up. so i said OK. went to po shen's place, then zhe yong's place, and all seven of us crammed into a proton iswara ROFLLLL. Me and Yang crammed into the front passenger seaat, which made many drivers laugh as we drove passed them on the busy roads of bukit tinggi. managed to camwhore too!

the two heroes sitting in the front passenger seat. (yang & me) .. forget bout the ppl at the back

OGAYYY CNY stuff over!! Monash time~


The time table is abit gay. Mondays i study from 9 to 12 then FIVE DARN HOURS FREE, then 5 to 6. isnt it stupid? tues i study from 9 to 1. then 3 to 6. ARGH. weds i study from 9 to12 i think. Thurs too. friday i start at 8 and finish around 1. stupid stressful first year. a total of 24 hours every week .. and the biggeest gayyest problem of all time, the transport problem. Thanks to my mum i havent even started undang yet. hence no driving to uni. means i depend on the all time great KTM to send me to subang. and theres only ONE bus that goes to Monash, the bus no 66, which only comes once every hour and has no proper schedule. Most of the times i wait for at least 30 minutes for the bus to come. sometimes i even take the taxi to avoid reaching the uni late.

ARGH. Chem lecturer Miss Push is 'terrible sick', so we dont have to attend chem lecture tmr morning. this means i only study for one hour tmr morning and then in the afternoon, is SWIM time with adrian and luke . wohoooo!@!  Oh did i mention that my other Chem lecturer, ms emily is quite pretty and looks abit like kate winslett? holey.. shes the exact opposite of our SAM chem teacher, you-know-who.

Ok gtg guitar guys. Practicing a super hardo piece right now, Canon Rock Version.  ho ho cya guys muaks love ya alllllllllllllllllll
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