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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

D nite b4 CNY

Saturday, February 17, 2007

yo guys ..

Alrite another 2 more hours and the year of the DOG will end and we shall usher the year of the PIG.  (snorts~) Ihad a wonder dinner a couple of hours ago. The past few days have been quite tiring, with all the last minute spring cleaning to do(and i missed the lunch with koala)... Being the only son in the family naturally i have to do all the lifting and climbing  .. but well, its a once-a- year affair so its kinda O.K

Today I woke up around 10 and after some teeth brushing and face washin i did a round of Dota while waiting for my dad to come home to take us for brunch. We wanted to go to the 'Bak Kut Teh King' for brunch but it wasnt open, as most of the shops are closed already, for CNY. However we spotted a stall in an old shop sellin bak kut teh and as we were quite hungry then we decided to waste no more time and went to the shop to whack some bak kkut teh. HOLEY SHIT. the bak kut teh pork was so tough that it wouldnt be exagerrating  if i said it tasted like dinosaur buntut meat cooked with kicap. it was tougher than beef okay? and it was kkinda potong steam as i was lookin forward to a nice meal. Anyway we finished the meal and we were charged 50% extra because its CNY rate. bloody suckers.

 went home, did some last minute touch ups to the house, and did more gamin in the afternoon. My mum was busy preparing the "Big Meal" all afternoon.

 Ok. when the clock struck 8 my mum shouted from the kitchen tellin us its makan time. HOLEy MOTHER NATURE my mum whipped out all her super duper dishes and it looked fantastic  ..

I NEVER KNEW MY MUM WAS SUCH A GREAT COOk ! WOhOOo (hmm its quite a feat coz there's only three of us to finish the food, minus my sis coz her stomach is smaller than a squirrel's and she doesnt eat much)

The great chef and her masterpiece(s)

1. Nian Nian You Yu (year year got fish aka plenty of leftovers for the years to come)
2. Steamed Shitake with Minced Prawns
3. Mixed vege
4. Deep Fried Stuffed Squids
5. Lotus root soup (Leng ngau soup in Hokkien)

Wohoo the best part was the squids. YUMMMMMMY ..seriously this is the best plate of fried squids ive ever tasted. Its not just squids, theres some secret ingredients stuffed inside the squids, and sealed with a toothpick. (thatss all, no more revealing of recipe)

One toothpick for one squid, so u can see how many squids i took. Mind you, they are LARGE, FULL SIZED Squids, not sotong rings.

Then after dinner, was the best part. Cam-whoring with my family! HAhahHaA it was so funny trying to explain C A M W H O R E   to my dad. Anyway ...

Seriouly these family bonding sessions are really fun and really nice. CHEERS!

Tomorrow i'll go back to the Pearl of the Orient aka Penang to celebrate CNY with my aunts nieces and nephews. weeheeeeee I'll be comin back on Tuesday.


ANyway, to all my friends, whether ure gay or not, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !! GONG SIFATT CHOI
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

sorry guys i missed out the weird part in my last post. gosh. i revealed facts that are un-weird at all.

ok for WEIRD FACT no 1: i use double pillows. One is for hugging the other one is for resting my head. seriously its reallly comfortable that way. wohoo. plus it makes u smarter too and less gay.

2. I wear Hush Puppies Calendar Underwears. It has the days of the weeks on each of them. wahahahaha so if i forgot wat day it is in the toilet i can check immediately.

3. I  D O NT  listen to chinese songs. except tong hua. except qing fei de yi.  eventho i come from chinese sekolah rendah and menengah but i love english songs much more than cina songs. and its not because i suck at cina okay. i used to get A in skul but somehow i got b3 in SPM. still not bad tho

***these 3 facts are to replace the SWIMMING , GUITARING and GAMING facts. gg gl hf :p
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TAGgerized ~

Koala tagged me. SO i was forced to play this game of revealing ur 
dirty secrets and in exchange u get 6 others to reveal theirs. :p


"People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6
weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end,u need
to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you
do that,leave them each a comment letting them know you
tagged them and to read your blog" 

People i tagged:
1. Kavi
2. Adrian
3. Luke
4. Panmeen
5. Faye
6. Yun Ceat


1.  I hate prawns. seriously. when u hold a prawn by its head and
look into its black foosball eyes, all you see is well .... nothing. it
just loooks scary. like some boogeyman in disguise. Well i hate
the prawn smell too. especially when my mum cooks some fried
prawns or somthin like that .. the smell ......AarRghhh .  
HOWEVER i LOOooVe Penang prawn mee and belacan. k dont
ask me why. if u wanna know tag me and i'll reveal more. :p

2.  I love squids. I LOVEe them. SQUIDS ok ? not cuttlefish or 
kurita(or kuruvitha) or Doc Oct. Fried squids are the best.
mummy's fried squids. i dont mean i have squid siblings i mean
the squids that she fry with her secret recipe roxx!

3.  I love gaming. Competitive gaming. i dont play SIMs. coz
thats a game where u lock someone in a room all day and wait
for him to scream like some whacko before u open his door and
burn the whole house down instead. I play warcraft melee
( DOTA is only for entertainment, no seriousness at all when
playin it. somethin like playin o2 jam with kavi. WOOPS :P).
I play CS too. and another game i like alot is Utopia. (have been
playin it since 2001) . O2 used to be my favourite until i got my
lame ass gayboard. (no im not discriminating gays im just
discriminating keyboards that act gay)

4. I love GUITARrring. Im a classical guitar player and i play
acoustic too . getting a new guitar soon, wil blog bout it trust
me. Guitar idols are Eric Clapton and Santana.

5. Im straight. People call me hardogei all the time (which
i dont know why) but i am declaring here that i have nothing
to do with Razer Ramon Hardo Gei.  Im not gay. SINGLE
AND AVAILABLE. here's my number: 603 5623 1287

6.  I love swimming. Call me if u want a swim mate. or a
lifeguard. or a trainer. or having fantasies of guy in trunks.  
Again, the number above. Im taking swimming classes at
MatsuSHITa stadium Shah Alam. not really that pro yet
but enough to tapau most of u guys la wakwakakakaka


***by the way the number given above is the direct
number to get ketua polis selangor. no, no im not sure
whether hes gay.

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Of stemballs and gayboats~

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Alrite this is a super overdue post .. dont blame me its wunnie's fault!
 okok i did not get the chance to get the photos from her... and
without photos.. bloggin ain't fun. COME ON ~!

Alrite .. Last Friday.. we arranged for a farewell steAmboat dinner 
for our great friend who's goin
on a  super journey to a land far far away ...(ok cut the crap shes goin
to aus to studeeee)

A million apologies to those whom we didnt invite for this dinner. It's
in Klang .. and alot of people cant make it .. so Kavi LUKE KIen Seng
and all the hardo gang .. sorry we didnt inform u coz its hard to get a
 day where everyone can
 come down to klang( its
not near for u guys) so we decided to just have the klang gang for this

ook that day my parents went to the Klang stadium for a jog. And my
dad wants me to tag along so he can save a trip. So i looked like a
retard waiting for my dad and mum to finish their jog at the stadium.
Well, my mum's quite funny when she runs so i kinda enjoyed myself
watchin her run like Olive (popeye the sailor man's wife). haha.
My dad's no joke coz he used to be a marathon runner and he's still
quite fit ....  time passed quickly soon it was 6 oclock and time to
kiss good bye to all the horny runners at the stadium. Since it was
extremely early for any boat steaming my dad dropped me at
Li Anne's Koala Hideout aka her house. Hmm her dog was kinda
terrifying at first, showing its teeth (or were they dentures, she's
12 years old right?) but soon it got the hang of my smell and
decided not to bark or bite me coz afterall, im a good guy. :p

After spending the 10 minutes watchin the ending of the day's
episode of Hau Man Wah The Jackass Gangsta Who Wears Sexy
Sunglasses And Got His Kidneys Ripped out (actually i forgot the
title of the show) i decided NOT to continue with Anne's
favourite show, the 7 o clock Mute Girl Meets The Zai Zai show.
(i forgot the title too) So since Anne invited me to use her comp
to go on9, i decided to use Koala's identity to SPAM SPAM SPAM.
and guess who's the target. Yea ure right .. BIG CAT-tha. At
first she thought i was koala gettin horny but after one year of
non-stop crapperization there was no way i could bluff her.. so
mission hardo failed fooooooo~!

Then ..after her 7 o clock Mute Girl ..bla bla bla  show she went
over to her friend's place to giv her friend somthin. Then we
went back again. Then chiew li came. With another friend. OH
SHIT i forgot to ask for her name.. nevermind .. so we went to
the famous Be Be Ho steamboat restaurant. (the one that
served me salty, turtle-drownable soup the last time i went)
OK Yee wun and her sis wasnt there yet... so we ordered for
5 persons (there were 6 of us) and waited for the Great WUn
to arrive. Ok after awhile she came, and the food came, and
the soup was boiling already, we started our feast. BOY the
food was great! They must have read my blog where i
blogged about their gay soup and decided to fix the soup

wohoo the left hand is yee wun's the right one is chiew li
our guest of honor, the blurry centre one is chiewli's friend's

There were prawns, fish, vege, fish balls, meat balls, stuffed
fish balls, stufed meat balls, tofu, toukee and many other
soy products on our plate. and not to mention, we got a

SO CUTEEEE .. and they were stuck together ..
' TILL DEATH DO US APART' .. so i did them a favour ..
by gobbling both of them down together ROFLMAO

We ate .. and ate.. and ate. And at one point, i dropped a
huge meatball into Li Anne's bowl. and guess what..  
WahahhAHaha the FIRST slightly-vulgar sentence from
her. not bad, not bad.

OK after an hour of talking crapping laughing, and of coz
eating .. we finished most of the food. And now its time for
noooodles. The Yee Mee noodles taste better with Egg.
(dont go crazy/horny kavi) So we decided to add egg into
the soup before adding the noodles . And guess what?
instead of adding ONE egg for TWO yee mees
(thats the ratio i use for perfect taste), we added FIVE
eggs for FIVE yee mees. So instead of a yummy tasting
yeemee, we got a potful of gay egged noodles. Whahahaa

Whether its Yucky or Yummy, you decide. But when i
tried it, it tasted not bad. ROFL

So after some hardo steamboat experience, yee wun's bro
arrived. so its time to say tata to wun and alicia aka wun's
sis. Then we waited for about 20 minutes for my dad to
pick me up. Wohoo three girls and a guy. typical Boss and
sidekicks scene. (reminds me of charlie's angels. wahaha
Joe's angels ROFL)

wooooKey time to play games .. TATA gay readers
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