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More violence

Sunday, September 30, 2007

***UPDATE of the Myanmar uprising***

Here's a translation of a telephone conversation with a Myanmar resident


Er… they shot… people got killed. Er…but it seems like it wasn't asbad as yesterday in terms of number of deaths, however we will knowthe accurate picture tomorrow. Er… la another disturbing news isthat er… I would like to know if you would inform BBC and CNN about?(sob!!!) They burned the injured protesters/civilian people in theYaeWay Crematorium la la . Er… the staff from crematorium told this,crying, to the people who went to the funeral service. Please letthis known to CNN and BBC. Thank you!!


-- the above snippet was obtained from http://ko-htike.blogspot.com/ . More updates there.

Please pray for the people of Myanmar. May this bloodshed be their last.
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For those who have fallen. and those who are still fighting

This post is dedicated to the brave people who stood up against the brutal military junta of Myanmar.


All the Myanmar people did was protest against the fuel hike, peacefully on the streets. The monks supported those who protested by accompanying them and chanting PEACEFUL prayers. You see, when monks march on the streets, something is really, really wrong. Monks live their lives with total isolation from the materialistic world with full focus on meditation. The ruling junta government must have gone too far with their radical approaches, undemocratic ways and absolute barbarism. however it was a PEACEFUL protest. No weapons at all. No violence. No flag burning.


The junta see this prayer-chanting procession as a THREAT to the stability of their government. Guess what they did?

The reddish-white substnace in the drain, is the brains of a young student who was BASHED TO DEATH.

Japanese reporter Kenji, who was shot to death. (some sources say he wasnt killed by stray bullets, but instead killed by soldiers who caught him and shot him to death)

You can see that hes obviously a young man. Not sure whether hes dead but i think hes pretty close.

A and B are pictures of a man who was in his car, on his way to work, when violence erupted around him, who then got dragged out of his car with his wife, got shot at point blank range, beaten, kicked into the drain, and lived to tell teh story.

Ultimate bloodshed

ASEAN, WTF ARE YOU DOING? PUNISH them for doing something indespicable like killing unarmed monks chanting prayers in peaceful protest!

TO hell with these murderers!

The age of barbarism and brutal supression is over.

Its time citizens of Myanmar get a taste of democracy.

God bless the poor souls who have fallen and those who are still fighting.

All pics were obtained from http://ko-htike.blogspot.com/ . Check it out for latest info on Myanmar riots
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Friday, September 28, 2007

my first blog post from the Uni library. lolz

i chose to come today so i could do my 10-minute-only work in the school uni (i need the bloody HYSIS program in the school comp lab) and then go for belated birthday lunch with birdday gurls joanne and jolene, together with kavi and ks.

apparently the thing was called off. :P

im stuck here till 4pm. my dad's not free. ARGHhhHHhhHhHh

and i cant really study unless im at home, lying on my bed with a mug of hot green tea in one hand and my pillow in the other.

fuck maybe i should just go to asia net for some dota or cs or c&c3. and then i'll fail the shit out of my computing test next week.

boredom to the maxxxxxXxXxXxXxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxx
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Bola Monash 07

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Monash held its bola last friday. The theme was Film Noir (1930s mafia theme) which means the guys were expected to wear fedora hats while the ladies were expected to wear fur ( PETA screams!) and gloves. The fantastic four (Adrian, Shanq Yeet, Lok Soon and Me) attended the event and woot it was a blast. well almost. :P

I spent almost my whole morning at asia net and asia cafe, and at around 1 adrian called me and told me that hes skipped his tutorials and hes at subang square. shanq and lok were there too. so kavi kienseng and i who were eating at asia cafe walked to subang square and met up with the adrian and gang and weplayed 2 rounds of foosieball. 3-6, and 6-3 scores respectively. (in case you dont understand, we lost the first game 3-6 but we beat them in the second round with the same scores)

Went to shanq yeet's place to prepare for prom. As we were waiting for adrian to finish bathing, we decided to try out Lok Soon's super canggih laptop webcam.

The monkey on the left is shanq and im the cool cameraman on the right.

Super nice pic. My favourite. Fantastic four minus horny one :)

craziness x10 ^999

So after all four of us have finished bathing .. it was time to make out. i mean apply make up. hair styling. whateverrr~

Wooot~ now you girls get to see our secret arsenal

After we're done with our hair styling and last minute shirt ironing we got into the car and headed to Sungei Wang. Why? we were early and we wanted to go check out a musical instruments shop there. After we're done with checkin out the violins and guitars we went to makan at stall in the plaza. Hell. the food was REALLLLY so-so. in fact i think it sucked. Didnt bother taking pics of the lousy food because it'll be awaste of blogspace to post them here :)

Left sungei wang. got caught in killer KL-traffic jam. since the traffic was literally CRAWLING .. we decided to sing songs in the car. woooot. YOuuureee waaayyyyy tooooo beauuuuutifulllllllllll girlllll, thatsssss whyy it'll never workkkk ,bla bla ......

Finally we got there. Mandarin Oriental hotel. which is right next to Suria KLCC. we geniuses decided to park the car in Suria to avoid crawling for another hour. and yeah it worked. changed into our shirts and put on our suits in the car itself. had one last look in the mirror. Alright, lets get moving.

When we got to the hotel, there werent many people around as it was quite still early. Got up to first floor, saw a group of guys who obediently followed the theme: Film Noir. Those guys really looked like a group of mafia from the 1930s, with the fedora hats and excess fat and cigars (Yeah they even smoked cigars ROFLLL). We felt kinda awkward at first, because we actually CAME TO WORK. if u hadnt know, the four of us are in MUSA security team. WTF MAN. The feeling was really different from the feeling we had when we went for sam prom. the only reason we didnt buy tickets is beacuse the security chief promised us A SeAT, DINNER, and MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME TO ENJOY THE NIGHT. well it sounded like a good bargain initially.

We walked around more. got into the lift to go downstairs. In the lift there was this huge mirror. so guess what. time to snap pics :D

5 types of gatsby+ 3 types of brylcream+loreal+ CK +bunch of horny guys

At approximately 7.30pm we got into the main ball room. pendek kata, we enjoyed ourselves. Elaborating on what we did and what we ate will spoil the mood, so i'll let the pics do the talking :P

One of the first few performances of the night. Luke was in it too. Sorry for the blurry image its beacuse of my camera settings.

We luvvv lok zaiii

Somehow he always become the center of attention

When they finally served dinner for security members and also performers, we were pretty hungry already and we went to a private room to makan.

A toast to all the chicks ~!

Ok la the 'wine' in the pic aint any Red Burgundy 85' or California Pinot. its just the energy drink STING by Pepsi and we decided to drink it this way wahahaha (Chan CHoy's idea)

Alright here's a pic that only a professional blogger can get. I sneaked into the kitchen(restricted area) and took a picture of the staff doin work.

THEN, comes the good part. we decided to snap pics with all the hotties at the ball. :P me love this part the most

Super hot Hui Ling. shes our boss.


Mei yi (hope i didnt get this wrong)

Mrs Teik to-be

Jolene :P

Since she looked so gorgeous that day [this line is sponsored by jolenelene.livejournal.com], here's another one:

THEN (Going back in time, to a year ago, ..... at SAM Corroboree 06')

Kena sapu by chicks


Belum kena sapu sudah naik miang. wtf~
**the photo below was slotted into this post at 10.07pm, Sept 29**


Group pic: (from left) Adrian, Me, Shanq Yeet, LokSoon, Alvin, Audrey, Mei yee, Bernie, Sarah, Sarah's bf (omg im so sorry i forgot your name)

Shot of the night:

That's Audrey beside me. Wtf i look abit drunk

Okay thats the last pic for Monash Ball 07.

We left the hotel after sayin many rounds of goodbyes to everyone (yeah we're a very polite group).

Drove back to shanq yeet's place, where adrian and i spent the night.

Lok soon couldnt stay over, so he drove back. Shanqyeet, adrian and I, on the other hand, wanted to do a movie watchin marathon. we got 3 dvds for this. Oh btw to those who think they're porn, fuck you :) its just one horror movie, one comedy and one romance. and we got some liquor from the 7-1 nearby. What's a gay sleepover if you dont have alcohol?

My long island, shanq yeet's vodka ice, and adrian's fruit shit.

My long island tasted like some bug fart that i had to mix it with Excel to be able to drink it. still i only drank half of it:P

btw Vodka Ice and adrian's tropical fruit tasted awesome. grr.


We were all excited. We're gona watch 3 movies continuously. all night long. we had vodkas. we're gona wrestle each other in the middle of the night if we feel bored watching the shows..Yahooo.


we fell asleep after 15 minutes into the show.


we woke up around 9 the next morning and had bak kut teh for breakfast. so that concludes our
Monash Ball-stayover.

Tata peeps. love you all. ;p
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stressed to the maxx

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I slept at 2.30 last night, revising for Electricals. sigh. went to uni at 10 today, only left uni around 7. was working on the fucked up bridge. Briges, bridges ,bridges... to hell with bridges! i could have followed chan choy and lok zai to Pyramid for Pizzzzzaaaaaaaa arghhhhhhhh.,,

oh btw, i went to Pyramid for Sushi yesterday, with Lok Soon AdrianC and Shanq Yeet yesterday. Too bad we missed the rm2 per plate promotion. Nevertheless we enjoyed the food at SushiKing. Woot its always nice to pamper yourself with good lunch at the start of the week (and then starve to death for the rest of the week:P)

As we got up from our seats and moved to the counter, Lok soon 
dropped the bomb: He 
asked us all to pay 10 bucks only, and he'll SUBSIDIZED THE 
REST. WOOOT. SAnta Claus.
Love you lots lets go makan sushi again next monday

sigh gtg do my work again .. bye tata 
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I miss the good old days :P

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saw this pic at Hardo blog and it brought back sweet memories of the past. Damn i miss our g16 days..   :P
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Worst movie of the year

Monday, September 10, 2007

today we were at cafeteria and suddenly adrian suggested that we go to Pyramid for lunch .. and woot Lok Soon drove me and adrian there.

we got some coupons for discounts for food, and we finally decided to eat Teppanyaki.

teppankayi was really average and the tea there sucked.

then adrian suggested we watch a movie. whahah. i have class at 3 and they have class and 4 and we finally setlled for Naraka19 at 2.30. yes we're insane

ok we expected it to be a super horror movie abouta journey thru hell . however... its more like we went thru hell watchin the darn movie for 2 hours.
nothing scary at all.
if hell is as boring as what they potrayed in the movie i think i'll need to ask my family to burn me lotsa Playboys if i ever go there for my sins.
my advice: DO NOT WATCH IT.
gtg. out~
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Level up!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yup, after 7 months of hard work im officially grade 4. wohoo. i'll most prolly learn till grade 8, so im alraedy half way there! Well i took 7 months to complete this grade, mainly because im a university student now. and i have lotsa lotsa assignment, work, programmin, mini tests, quizes, exams to do. I'll go for intensive double classes at teh end of teh year during my summer break, so i can reach grade 5 asap.

oh yeah ive gotten myself a violinist partner :P :P
Yeah Shanq Yeet hes the man. too bad i dont have his pic hehe

we havent started anything yet, only a few warm-up sessions, but we're hoping to make some sort of classical duet and maybe perform next year. yeah. Our first piece together should be the all-time-favourite Canon in D so canon lovers out there, stay tuned! :P

By the way, im getting a new Classical Guitar. i know ive told u guys before bout it but, initiallly my budget for it was around 1k. and im already having problems getting that amount of cash. Now my teacher is trying to push for a better, more worth-the-money guitar, but its about 1.5 times more. sigh. i need to think of a plan asap. i cant progress if i dont get a better guitar. ARGH. headegg.

ive finally found 'my path' in guitaring. I'll be focussing on classical guitar til i reach grade 8. yeah. ive completely abandoned my plans for electric guitars and stuff because now i see the beauty in classical guitar. Yeah its the old-skul boring bitch guitar playstyle and many people think its not cool BUT .. how many people can actually play fingerstyle properly? How many people who play the 'cool stuff' like electric guitars can actually read notes, not tablatures? And most importantly, classical guitarists wow the girls wAWHAHAHA .. at least IMO lah.

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Merdeka Sleepover fooo~

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wohoo first of all credits to Adrian who told me bout this super awesome stayover.

apparently ChingYee told Nash and Nash told Adrian and Adrian told the monash gang which includes me :)

ChingYee --> Nash --> Adrian --> ME

Okay ShanqYeet, Lok Soon, Adrian, and i took a train to klsentral to meet up with nash. then we walked to Museum Negara. (fucked up taxi drivers were on a strike to show their ultimate love for the country, woops i mean money)

Ok we went there, registered ooursleves, realized we still have another 30 minutes before the activities start, and guess what a group of professional blogger wannabes like us did?

First pic of the day (my camera) -> Lok Soon with the piece of junk behind him. (no offense all antique car lovers)

Surprise, surprise. The army will parade their vehicles and stuff at the merdeka procession the next day so they parked their vehicles at the museum.

I Lol-ed when i saw this. Hahah imagine a bunch of soldiers running in a hamster wheel kinda thing to power up the vehicle.


My personal favourite. The only non-blogger, Shanq Yeet took this picture.

We walked back to main activity area. On our way back, we saw ...

T A D A !!

Digi yellow men!

These yellow men are freaking funny okay. Hahah the way they try to act cute was simply hilarious.

and the activities havent started yet. .. we decided to do a TOUR de MUSEUM NEGARA


Legendary guitar wohooo


the activities started and we had some ice breakin session. broke some ice got a couple of new friends and we were assigned into groups. Played some group games , had lotsa fun, laughed alot, talked to chicks, lauged, joked, talked to more chicks .... yeah

then we had dinner. WTF they gave curry fish, fried fish, fried chicken and rice. I do not like fish so i only took the curry and the fried chicken and rice. Then came the big bomb.

the U L A M.

according to wikipedia Malaysia,

Ulam merupakan gelaran kepada tumbuhan yang dimakan secara mentah atau sekadar dicelur (direndam sekejap dalam air panas) sebelum dimakan bersama nasi. Ulam juga biasanya dimakan bersama dengan perasa seperti budu, cencaluk, atau sambal belacan, sebelum dimakan bersama nasi. Ulam sudah terkenal sebagai hidangan harian utama di kalangan masyarakat Melayu di kampung-kampung. Ulam diambil dari berbagai-bagai bahagian tumbuhan yang boleh dimakan. Ini termasuklah pucuk, daun, umbut, biji, buah, ubi dan kadang-kadang bunga.

according to Joe,

ITS THE MOST TERRIBLE FOOD ON EARTH. (this is solely my opinion so u dont have to feel offended if u eat, drink and bathe ulam everyday)

It looked like grass to me, but nevertheless i told the helper i want some of it. She then gave me a whole BUSH of ulam. So much that i can plant them all around my house and people will aactually think i live in a jungle. Ok cut the crap, i know. I took a tiny leaf of it and put it into my mouth.

Wohoo i had a m e g a sensation. It felt as if i had just biten a dynamite. the combination of spiciness, bitterness, smellyness, grassyness was too much for me. I knew i couldnt finish the wonderful ulam. so i did something that will make every malaysian proud. i took the whole bush of ulam and put them onto the plate of my new friend Nicholas. :)

After dinner we changed into our Tshirts and marched to Dataran Merdeka..

The night view of KL was pretty awsome. after talking, laughter, and crap, we arrived at Dataran Merdeka 30 minutes later.

Look at the crowd man.

There were 100,000 people there.

We proceeded to the field at the dataran merdeka where we could get more air and also a better view of the events by lookin at the big screens.

We talked, and talked and talked and talked since we were early and we had to wait for about an hour for the countdown.

And they played all the nice LOVE-MALAYSIA patriotic songs and we sang like mad dogs. i even called wun and kavi to let them have a feel of the atmosphere but sadly neither of them answered my calls. when i finally saw a 'Connected' word flashing on my phone screen, i thought kavi had finally picked up my call. So i just left the thing on and we sang and sang and sang. in the end i realized i was singing to a voicemail. WTF ~~~

However, Kavi saved the voicemail and she gave me a very long 'hahahahahahahahah' when she listened to it so hardos if u wanna hear me and adrian's lovely voice, give kavi a call :

we waited for the countdown to finish, and then after the 7 shouts of Merdeka! from our beloved PM Badawi, we all expected fireworks to shoot out from all directions. but no.


we waited.

and waited ...

and waited ...

and cursed.

and waited ..

45 minutes later, i heard some loud claps so i guess the speech must be over.



they decided to do some flashbacks of the great things our past PMs have done for our country. as it was a very special day, i did not want to ruin it by using the f word.

But i said it anyway hahahaha.

Then 5 minutes later, i heard the golden line. "Pertunjukan bunga api akan bermula sebentar lagi"


and thanks to the wonderful blogger, Myself aka the photographer who sacrificed my own enjoyment to video u hardos on Space shot at genting,

you guys will get to watch the fireworks, in 3 parts. No sound sorry. but who needs sound anyways? people WATCH fireworks, not LISTEN TO fireworks




After the fireworks the entire crowd left almost immediately. and guess what? The true color of malaysians surfaced.
Look at the enormous pile of rubbish. After 50 years of independence what have we REALLY achieved?

We walked back to museum. boy we were so tired that the long walk wasnt that enjoyable anymore. But there was this taylors gang that sang out loud some songs and the whole crowd sang together and wow it was kinda cool.

we reached the museum at 2 am. decided to brush teeth and wash up alittle before sleeping, and i snapped some pics again

From left: Adrian, Nicholas, Leehom, and .. from the shape of the ass i think its lok soon.

we set up our sleeping bags in the video room of the gallery (thank god we dont have to sleep with those patungs )

wanted to play chor dai tee but ended up sleeping after just one round. I was havin a terrible headache argh















I opened my eyes .. and mumbling a soft 'tiunyama' i turned my head and saw the CHIEF , MR DASS beside me! Walew super hardo .. he didnt have to shout standing beside me

everybody woke up, washed up and went down to the main activity area.

and a super hot dance instructor was there :)

She taught us some aerobics dance moves and sometimes we just stood there lookin at her dance on the stage .. Haha

After the exercize we had breakfast, 1957 style. That meal was the best meal in the 2 day stayover IMO. we had traditional food of the 3 main races, namely PutuMayam (indian), some kinda porridge, not sure whether its hokkien or teochew (chinese), and nasilemak with boiled kentang (malay)

Super nice meal it was. i took all 3 wahahaha i have national unity in my stomach. we had a treasure hunt sorta game after that. we were divided into groups and we had to like pass all 10 stations. at every station we had to accomplish tasks like flag hunting, puzzle hunting and stuff

I took this when i was at one of the stations. The ancient papers to papers of today.

Shanq Yeet's group was first from the bottom wahahahha. gay la.

then we merged with another group and we had to do a presentation. we were give the topic 'People'.

we decided to write soem stuff on the mahjong papers and also perform a play.

I loled when i saw this. This was done by the other half of the team. They just HAD to highlight the Malay word. anyway no racist sentiments here :)

when we got onto the stage and performed our play. i was in the cina gang fighting the malays before independence and national unity came into the picture. our team leader aka narator completely forgotten how the story should go so we were pretty screwed. but its just for fun and we enjoyed it anyways

The last presentation was by Shanq Yeet's group. It was a so-so performance ... UNTIL ..

they started singing Jalur Gemilang.

what happened after that was totally inpromtu and it all came from our hearts

as i was recording Shanq Yeet's group's performance, we could see people standing up, one by one, singing along Jalur Gemilang. and a moment later the whole hall was roaring with our singing. and mind you there wasnt any music playing. we sang from our hearts :)

The organizers were quick enough to play the song when we were about to finish our singing. This time, we sang MUCH louder and for once i felt true patriotism. The organizers joined us and went on the stage and the atmosphere was totally filled with patriotism as the youths of malaysia sang out loud while waving the jalur gemilang flags. Tourists were fascinated with our inpromtuness and soon cameras began flashing. and journalists took pics too

Boy that was serious ly the best part of the stayover. I dont know how to describe the situation then but i have a video of part of it. (not with me yet will upload later)

after all the hyper activities .. me adrian nash shanq and loksoon decided to go back. Actually the thing ends at 5 but we got lotsa stuff to do so we decided to ciao early. We didnt even have lunch there, as we had enough of 1957-ness and wanted some 2007 food haha.

on our way out, i saw this ancient ice kacang machine and i decided to show u guys

Walked back to sentral, went to midvalley, and had teppanyaki.

I wanted to wait for all the food to be served before taking some shots but i ended up remembering this only after finishing most of my meal. so i took a pic of whatever that was left

yum yum

adrian and i took a train back to klang after that.

SLEEP OVER WAS REALLY FUN ! GUYS ! Join us next year. we're goin again !!!

One last tribute to our beloved country, Malaysia.

M E R D E K A !!!

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