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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Fooh i passed ..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nothing to shout about .. but .. passing electricals means alot to me.

ive never done well in this sub before. yes. im really really happy bout this.

a very big thank you to ERIC SIM KWANG JOO who helped me with electricals 1030. without him i'l probly be crying now. :P

TIME TO PARTAYYY !! 2 months + more of holidays ! YEAH ..!
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Red arrows

Yo people.

As u may have already known, the acrobatic display team from the British Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows, will be performing at the upcoming LIMA fest at Langkawi.

The Red Arrows, one of the best aeroplane acrobatic teams in the world, will also be performin at Subang Military Airport this very afternoon, at 3pm.

And i'll be there :P

I'll update when i get back.

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post no 100

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alright this marks my 100th post since i started bloggin. fast isnt it? :P

I will blog about my stayover-cum-birthday celebration last thurs =)

I went to Pyramid to meet kavi around 2 pm. Luke was alraedy there,
and so were Kavi's cousins. They were all playin bowling and i just sat there and watch them play. Her mum and aunt let me play a couple of times during their turns and when i landed a Strike on my first attempt they all went 'pro' and i was LOLing because i knew it was pure luck. very true indeed, i landed a couple of longkangs after that.

After a while Anne came, and we took a couple of pics. (dont have them here with me). then the cousins went back. and we walked around, waited for Wun.

finally she arrived.

I think i was acting cool

We went to Kavi's place where we will be staying for the night. When we reached Luke was really tired and he went upstairs to sleep in the guest room. i accompanied him. Kavi, Wun and anne went out to get some butter.

When they got back we came down and helped with food preparation.

Chef Kavi with koala showing her fangs

Luke cutting chicken

Chef Joe cutting chicken with wunnie supervising

JagungMan saves the day

Ceat joined us too

Hardos at work. setting up bbq station.

Somebody decided to be 'out of the norm' and wore white.

Wun accidentally poured ALL 100 of the chicken balls in the packet, so we had a very chickenball-y dinner.

the food

on the griller

A toast to gayness friendship!

We spent hours barbecuing all the balls, sausages, corn, meat and vege.

and Ceat's bf Ben joined us.

When the clock struck 12, i saw the lights goin off for a nanosecond before coming back on again. Then i saw the fan getting laggy. I knew its my bday .. but they couldnt have gotten me a cake or anything because i was with them all the time ..


But how ?

Then luke explained that when he went upstairs to sleep, it was actually a diversion for those butter-getting girls to get my cake. WOW WTF



Contrary to popular belief, i was actually not making a wish in this pic. i was pretending that i was blowing the candles and teh camerawoman took so long to snap this pic that my saliva nearly dripped into the cake.

To show these wonderful people my gratitude, i decided to be the seal of the day and make everybody happy

by letting them feed me.

First came luke

Then came wun

Crouching joesern smiling koala

MSN /blush emoticon

Dont be fooled by the innocent looking ben. he smashed the cake in my face. in fact it happend 2 seconds after this pic was taken.

Then came a big one from none other than Jee Teik Luke Ong


Bang! shoot the bday boy

Played fireworks with everybody after that.

Mercun that got us scolded by neighbors


We then played cards till 5 am in the morning

One big family

Ben and ceat left, and we went to bed. i slept with luke :P

The following day we woke up around 10. No i did not play with toothpaste.

Breafast session!

Badminton fooo



After badminton, we went back to kavi's place, bathed, and luke left. Ceat too. Then the rest of us joined kavi's family for Banaa Leaf Rice lunch.

In the car

i didnt tell anyone but it was my first time eating off a banana leaf too :P

Wun, vi, anne

Guys, i really appreciate what you all did for me. I was so so happy that day. A very big thank you to all sms wishes as well.

Love u all. =)
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Penang trip part 2

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ok this young cousin of mine, Jane is super cute super pretty and super talkiative :P . was fun chatting with her till 2 am in the morning the night before

Woke up around 11, chatted with my aunt for a while before its time for lunch. makan makan time

Went to a dim sum restaurant. Too bad i didnt bring my camera so i couldnt snap photos of the food. Man the dim sum there was super super nice, mainly because of its variety and uniqueness of the food. I took loads of dim sum and i was so bloated after the meal.

Walked over to the new Queen's Bay Mall across the road. Some new big classy shopping mall. Walked around with aunt mum and sis and little cousin Jane, other cousins didnt join us. Went to the arcade and decided to play some shooting games. Played time crisis 4 with my sis. got tapaued -.-"

went home, chatted more, and then got ready to go ... SWIMMING ! yeah i love swimming that god we brought swimsuits :D . went to the Bukit Jambul Club to swim. very nice pool. swam a couple of laps. spent most of the time there chatting and just relaxing. Its nice to just forgeet about everything and relax, especially after a whole year of hectic lifestyle.

Left the club around 7 and went home. Changed clothes, and went for dinner.

Wohoo we had seafood for dinner.

And its not the usual seafood we eat like prawns and fish. we actually had SNAILS. loads of em.

There was this weird looking spiky ass snail that the people call 'Helicopter'. wtf it looked disgusting at first, but when i digged the flesh out of the shell using a toothpick and put it in my mouth . WOW. super niceeeee. Then came the second dish. Snails again. Balitongs. There is a method to eat this balitongs as the flesh lies deep inside the shell.

First, you suck its ass.
THen, u suck its mouth.
Suck its ass again.
Finally, give it a super power suck on the mouth and the whole flesh will go into your mouth.

Well, thats theory. Practically, i couldnt get even one damn snail flesh into my mouth. I sucked and sucked like somebody givin a blowjob and yeah i couldnt get even one. in the end i gave up and cheated by using a toothpick to dig the flesh out. haha stupid snails.

Then we had HEKOR. Its called Mantis Prawn in english. In klang, we normally eat hekor cutlets. There, we had one full hekor. Not sure whether u know this but, hekors are damn huge and they are as lon as the length of your keyboard. They have shells just like prawns.

The hekor was super tasty. Cooked with salted egg, the tinge of saltiness blended perfectly with the sweet taste of fresh mantis prawn meat. woah.

We had fish and fried noodles too. both of them were awesome.

Then came the best part. the desert.

Coconut flesh,blended with ice and jelly into a porride-like substance, and poured back into a cute tiny coconut shell before being served chilled, was just so damn good. i finished it within a couple of minutes :P

Went home, was quite late already, and we took some pics.

My sis Joanne, and Jane

Jane and me

Damn i looked horny again. blame the cameraman!

This is cute dog Patent. photo was blurry as the dog was camera shy and tried to run away.

WAaaaa what a nice stay at their place. Yeah i know i didnt snap enough pics but well .. it was still a nice stay. We went to bed around 12 that night, and left the next day, to go to my 3rd Aunt's place where i'll be staying for the next 3 days.

be sure to check my blog again for more penang trip updates.


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A very big thank you to you all

Ok im interupting my penang trip combo posts for a more important update.

I celebrated my 19th bday on the 23rd of November, and i really really enjoyed what you guys did for me. Seriously, the surprise cake and all .. walew it was a blast! thanks for all the presents i love themmm

THANK YOU GUYS! Love ya all ~~~ :P

* i'll be updating on my bday+sleepover party once i get all the pictures from Wun. Meanwhile, enjoy my penang trip updates
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Penang trip part 1

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wohoo. Just came back from penang. wow it was a blast.

Last friday my mum, sis and i went to Penang. Theres only one bus company that goes all the way to Penang, so hell , we bought 3 S.E. Travel bus tickets.

about 2 hours before the scheduled 3pm departure of the bus, i realized i dont have the camera with me. omfg i suddenly remembered that i left the camera with Anne . Hence a tense, hollywood-style race with time begun. i Had to battle killer klang traffic jams to go to her house and then come all teh way back to board the bus. all in 1 hour. super hardo

I reached her house around 2.30. we're supposed to be at the station by 2.45. cool rite. so my dad's driving, speeding, jam avoiding, and cursing skills were put to the test and thank god we reached the station around 2.45.

Guess what? tiunyama SE Travel bus came 1 hour late. they made me rush like some roadrunner and then delayed the departure by 1 hour.

got on the bus .. the bus driver was really good. he drove slow and obeyed teh pantun melayu "Biarkan lambat asalkan selamat". In fact, he took it so seriously that he took 4 hours to reach ipoh. -.-"

then he swapped places with the co driver. that muthafucka was a chain smoker. he smoked and smoked and smoked like a chimney in an FULLY ENCLOSED AIR CONDITIONED BUS. walew i felt like shoving the whole box of ciggaretes into his nose and light them all at once. the poor grandma in front of me was coughing like heck.

finally, after nearly 7 hours of gruelling bus ride, we reached penang.

Penang bride, 11pm

My mum's cousin sis picked us up from the bus station, and we went to her place where we'll be staying for 2 days. She got us a sumptious supper meal with all the trademark penang hawker food. Woot . Satay, Ikan Bakar, Oh Jien, lobak and even pizza. Needless to say i singlehandedly finished most of the food =)
Slept at 2 am, after spending time chit chatting with cute cousin, Jane.
Up next:
Joe spends first day in Penang
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to the Pearl of the Orient~!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

wohoo i will be goin to penang tmr, and will only be back next tuesday . wont be bloggin till then :D

I'll update next week, with lotsa pics of yummy food :P

till then, bye peeps
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Exams are OVERRrrrrrRR

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

YeahoooOOOOo! ive never been so stressed out in my life, not even spm gave me this amount of stresss. err

3 and a half months of holidays BEGINS !!


1. Master 'Cavatina'
2. Master 'Tears In Heaven'
3. Master Canon in C by Joe Satriani
4. Master all of Peo Kindgren's pieces
5. Master 'Kiss Goodbye' by leehom (If i get the darn tabs)
6. Master Canon (air tap version) by Trace Bundy

1. Go to Penang and eat as much as i can =)
2. Go to Pulau Perhentian with chan lou yeet lou and lok lou
3. Genting ?

1. Go ice skating with HG gang this thursdayyy YAHOOo
2.yumchar with Mien Lim and gang at least once a week :D

1. Get a new graphics card and install CnC3
2. watch lotsa lotsa replays
3. Then own lok soon, eric, adrian :P

1. Sleep at least 10 hours a day
2. Sleep at least 10 hours a day
3. Sleep at least 10 hours a day

1. I'll most prolly be working in pizza hut, startin december :P

Wohoo so much to acomplish, so little time!

Tata peeps
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Tommy E @ malaysia

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yeap. This is your chance of a lifetime :D well, maybe not a lifetime but ive checked his schedule and he wont be coming anywhere near to Malaysia for the next 3 years at least. His destination is Singapore but due to popular demand he will be flying here for a couple of hours of performance before flying off again.

Tommy E. Famous for his extreme improvisation of popular hits like Classical Gas, Beatles classics, Over the rainbow, and many many more .. The most impressive thing is he actually doesnt know how to read sheet music! During session recordings, he will listen to the recording ONCE, pretend that hes reading notes, and then play by ear. Now how impressive is that. Apart from all those, most importantly, hes one of by biggest guitar idols.

Here's a clip of him during one of his many sold out performances:

Yeah the tickets are abit pricey for a student like me but ... since its a once in a lifetime thingy i will tryyyyy my best to go :D Piggyyy bankkk where are youuuuu~~

btw it'll be nice if someone accompanies me to the show. Any takers? :P
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3 down 1 to go

Friday, November 9, 2007

eng 1020 is over. .. finally.

Thank god it was okay.

I have one last paper on monday.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

well, i just finished my ENG 1030 paper a couple of hours ago.

It was tough. No dont get me wrong. Its tough, and based on the standard of the past year papers (I did ALL PAST YEARS from year 01 to 06 okay), it was tough.

I managed to do 5 out of 8 questions. the 3 that i didnt know how to do, confirm kaput.the 5 that i did, i made a couple of mistakes here and there. I know my status very well, unlike Dynamics last sem where i came out of the hall not knowing wtf i wrote in the paper. Im there, very near the failing mark. Slightly above it, but still very near and very risky. I need some magic.

Ive worked very hard for this sub. Really. The fact that im weakest at this sub made me push myself further and i have never studied this hard in my life for one subject. I attempted hundred of questions and past years, hoping to pass. Infact, a few days ago i was feelin pretty confident for the exam beacuse i was able to solve past years. FYI i got 90/100 for the 06 paper. So when i say the paper today was tough, its not because i had not study enough or shit like that.ARGH

Well, i came home feeling pretty shitty. Yea i know i tried my best and even my parents told me its okay but this is the first time in my live im facing with failure even after i tried my best. Ok maybe dynamics was my first but i seriously think i put in much more effort into 1030.


decided to do some funny color-personality test, linked from kavi

the results:

Name: Joe the great
Date: 11/2/2007
Colorgenics Number: 15760342

You have always longed for tenderness, love and a sensitivity of feeling into which you would like to blend. You are a very gentle warm person and responsive to 'All things bright and beautiful'. This personifies a caring person, a person who 'needs' and indeed 'needs to be needed'.

You haven't been feeling that great lately. Both physically and mentally you are exhausted. To your best friends, those who know you and love you, it shows. Your self esteem has been reduced almost to a minimum and in order to recover - and recover you will - it is necessary that you get away from it all, even if it be only for a few days.

You feel tired - worn out and listless. The last thing that you want to do is to be in an open conflict with those around you that are forever tormenting you. What to do? That's the rub. You are feeling that you are being choked - unable to breathe.

Recently everything seems to have gone wrong and so you are experiencing considerable stress and anxiety due to mental conflict. A continuous case of 'Should I?' or 'Shouldn't I?'. At this particular moment in time you feel as if you have reached the end of your tether and it seems impossible to ever rectify the situation and so you have decided, perhaps quite unrealistically, to postpone making any further decisions. Disappointment and unfulfilled hopes have given rise to despondency. This conflict between hope and necessity is creating considerable pressure. Instead of resolving this by facing up to making the essential decision, you are likely to immerse yourself in the pursuit of trivialities as an escape route.

The tensions and stresses that you have experienced of late have been the result of trying to cope with conditions which are really beyond your capabilities. You feel completely inadequate to cope with the situation and you would like nothing better to escape from it all and to be able to relax in a problem and pressure free environment where you can do your thing.


OMG THIS STUPID TEST IS SO TRUE. yeah to those who still dont understand how im feeeling now (prolly due to my shitty writing skills), this is EXACTLY how im feeling. woah.

ok time to go play games before i go bonkus.

love you all. =) will update with some less 1030-ish posts tmr
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