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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Cheik me

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Your Birthdate: November 23

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You can develop deep emotions quickly, and you're the type most likely to move in with someone after a few dates.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 3

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What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?

welll everything is quite true i think =) oh forget bout the Most compatible with blabla
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site ratings?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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was just tryin out a site rating tool. guess what i got

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating


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Harry Potter V

Saturday, July 21, 2007

went to TGV Bukit raja to watch transformers AND harry potter with mum and sis. Too bad, transformers was full. FOR THE WHOLE BLOODY DAY. Can u imagine this? its already the fourth week and its stil so farkin full. so transformers plans were cancelled.

watched harry potter. mum made me queue. super long queue. too bad most of those people in the queue werent actually queueing up for hairy potty.

not even one harry potter session was full. got ourselves nice seats in the mid of the cinema.

hmm .. now on the movie (dont worry vey minimal spoilers here)

WTFKNNBCCBBBQSOS. i was all excited to see cho chang on the big screen and well, it was quite a disappointment. I mean the actress was hot but in the book Rowling made her a goddess and based on teh descriptions in the book i was actually expecting somebody like Lana Lang of smallville. (wohooo~) bzzz no wonder the actress got so many hate mails

But who cares Hermione is as hot as always

Also hairy potty wasnt so cool in this movie. In fact i thought Sirius Black (that dog who kena tembak Avakadavra in the end) was cooler than harry.
Ron Weasley was as fucked up as usual =)

holy mother nature my favourite part was when the centaurs kidnapped that b*tch dumbass Umbridge and took her to their lair (for some whipping i guess)

Last battle scene was awesome. when all the members of the Order appeared and fought with the Deatheaters. could have been a little longer tho. Dumbledore is as apek as he was in the past few movies, but he used a new disappearing trick this time wohoo

Kissing scene was okay. heheh could have been a little longer tho. no wonder harry potter 5 was rated 13+. kids under 13 dont kiss. they shake tiny hips.

This movie didnt have any wow factors though. when i say wow factors i mean a super awesome scene like the Patronus Charm vs Dementors
scene in harry potter 3.

You-know-who aka sifattchai Voldemort got most of his body back except for his nose. Reminds me of Michael Jackson. (sorry MJ fans) Oh he doesnt have hair too (thinks lex luthor)

All in all its an O.K. movie. nice to watch when u're down and all u wish for is a little magic in your life. =)

fuck i failed dynamics. i still cant get over it. BAHAHA :(

have a good day people. bye
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Autobots, shake hips!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ratings?  10/10. at least on my scale. one of the best movies ive watched in recent years. Perfect blend of action, fantasy, humor, and WOHOO HOT LEAD ACTRESS . those who havent watched it, go watch it before i whip your asses off.

OPTIMUS PRIME YOURE My HERO. (i used to like doing that when i was a kid, i still enjoy doing it)

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Nail filing

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Do any of you people file your nails after cutting them?

Wow i normally file them abit but after getting some tips from my guitar sifu i filed the edges of my nails properly and guess what? it worked wonders when i played the guitar.

Guitarists, file your nails. After filing mine the tone of the music i play sounded much much better. Also tremolos and stuff are much easier with filed nails. tiny sharp edges on your nails will seriously ruin your guitar sound.

good luck

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Dont pray pray with me

Monday, July 9, 2007

what fighting style do you have?

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Officially a retard?

IQ Test Score
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Saturday, July 7, 2007

im feeling better now... more mobile and i dont need that much of help to walk, eat, move around anymore. I can now get into and out of the car without much of a problem.

ripped off the dressing on the wound today.

what a sexy wound.

still unable to hipshake, tho.

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UFOooOOOooo again guys

Thursday, July 5, 2007

hahah thanks for all the concern guys. Well i just came back from the hospital and wow HOME SWEET HOME. anyway im not really THAT okay yet eventho i sounded quite okay on the phone, well my gastric and my appendix pains are gone (DUH?) but now i have to deal with the pain of the surgery wound. (im taking painkillers as if they're mentos) . I'll blog about my experience once i feel better. alrite, time to shake hips --- in my dreams. :)
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here comes another one!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Damn. im so in love with this guitar now. My teacher let me try it the other day and BHAM it felt and sounded so good that i was instantly attracted to it. Boy this is one hell of a guitar. It is HAND MADE by Manuel Raimundo, and flown in from Spain. Its a concert guitar, not those Yamaha ones u find in most guitar stores.

Scale: 650 mm
Neck: Cedar
Width of the neck on the nut: 51,5 mm
Width of the neck on the 12 fret: 61,5 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Top: Cedar or Spruce
Body: Solid Sapelly
Width of the body on the 12 fret: 95 mm
Width of the body on the lower bout: 100 mm
Binding: Rosewood with white strip
Bridge: Rosewood
Head Machine: Golden

If i do get it, it'll me my first hand-made spanish guitar.

here comes the best part. Its a guitar with a 4-figure price tag. HOWEVER theres a s-l-i-g-h-t defect with the gluing of the bridge (its like half a degree senget) so my sifu cant sell it at his shop and he is offering me a huge discount .. so i'll probably take it, since u cant really see the defect and it wont affect the sound quality. but i neeeeed to saveeeeeeeeeeeee.



im gona get ready a H U G E sock and hang it under my christmas tree this coming christmas and pray hard that santa would drop a Raimundo Concert-135 into it. oh shit i mean PLACE CAREFULLY a raimundo concert-135 into it. i will hunt santa down with a shotgun if he DROPS my guitar.


damn. my mom and dad are abit pissed im getting another guitars so soon after getting Joe II this year. grr. bleh its different joe-II is acoustic this is classical. and my current classical guitar is in a bad shape to actually perform well.

okok enough of crapping time to go. tata muaks love you all

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