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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

The ultimate sequel II

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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The ultimate sequel

Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Foosiecat Dolls

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday = party day

class finished at 11am. Decided to go meet kavi for llunch + foos eventho i have chem webtest+physics lab + maths assignment to do. Not to mention i have finals in 2 weeks time. UGH who cares ... right?

after havin lunch with the super studious(LOLed while typin this shit) Kavi and Chien, Kavi n I went up to the 2nd floor of Asia Cafe for some hardcore foosballing. Played   3 games. Owned hard.

Match 1: 7-2
Match 2: 7-2
Match 3: 6-3

too bad i didnt get 9-0. WEEHEEE SHOOT ME IF U WANT KAVI THIS IS MY BLOG I GET TO CRAP ALL I WANT. Ok la kavi and i are both beginners -.-"

After the 3rd game kavi wanted to cabut to STUDY AGAIN. (super studious) so i waited for 45 minutes for Adrian to come over from Monash. Called sean to come over too. Since we are short of a player to play doubles, we decided to take turns playin 2-vs-1.

First Match: Joe+Adrian (Team Monass) vs Sean (Team sampah masyarakat)

3-6 in favor of Team Sampah Masyarakat.

2nd Match: Joe + Sean vs Adrian

Didnt record scores but adrian got owned hard

3rd Match: Adrian+Sean vs Joe

Didnt record but I got owned hard.

I played 2 1-on-1 matches with Adrian. The last time i played, he owned me 8-1.  After bootcamp1, heres the results:

Match 1: 5-4 in favor of adrian
Match 2: 5-4 in favor of adrian

Some improvement eh. still a noob rofl

NOTE: he did about 20-25 pullshots and NONE of them went thru. NONE OF EM. wohoo.

was really really fun playin with hardos we should do this more often!


Ok end of story time to do work goodbye
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hardcore weekend

Monday, May 21, 2007

 Wow the last weekend was the greatest weekend ive had in a long time.
Things started off with a power packed Friday.

  After uni classes ended at 1 on friday i rushed to Taylors to have lunch
with Sean. took chap fan before movin to rack to FOOOoS. His friend
Seng yu came too. After training for 2 hours i had a one on one with
sean. Ended losing 6-3. Not bad eh. Then panseng came. lansi as usual.
should have tapaued him but made a few mistakes and ended up losing
6-3 again. losing 6-3 in the match with kienseng totally sucked coz i
was confident of beating him but ended up losing because of silly
mistakes. grr. after foos we went to Tuna twist infront of taylors for
a yumchar session with Tsung Kheng Yew the Great. Hes goin to Aus
for 2 years for some churchh project. After that 10 of us (Me Sean
Kavi SiawChien Panmeen SengYu Ting YunCeat Benjamin and Kavi's
female classmate who plays CS but i forgot her name sorry) went
hunting for CCs to play counterstrike. Apparently most of the CCs
were full so we ended up playin in a cc far far far away.( two of
panmeen's friend joined us too when they met us on our way to cc)

 Saturday was my sister's bday. After breafast with family we went
to a  game shop to buy a ps2 as a bday present for my sis. Rushd to
train station to meet Wun and together we went to subang. When
we reached subang Kavi was in her kelisa waitin for us like some
cowgirl. went to pyramid for hardo gathering. Well it was supposed
to be hardo gathering but many didnt show up so err .. sadly only
me kavi and wun. and we met kavi's on9 friend Adole aka Aloyisus.
went around shopping for earrings. CORReCTION: two crazy girls
tickling each other while running around huntin for necklaces while joe followed them. They helped me pick a necklace
 for my sis, which my sis 
gave me 2 kisses for.

Sunday morning went for berenanging as usual. In d afternoon I
went to watch Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with Monash
Performin Arts Club. Was quite ok. they played four pieces.. first
and the last were superb. 2nd and 3rd were tragically sleepy.
Half the hall were asleep. hehe. Then at nite went makan with
family. On my way back. I got a call. from Koala. She said Hello,
then laughed non stop without sayin anything. then she said
"We're in front of your house now" then i head hyena laughters
(sounded like Mien Lim and Wun). Went home. saw Mien Lim's
Mercedez in front of my house, went to give him a hug, then
suddenly thought of goin for yumchar session. Went to Pak Lee
kopitiam near klang parade, had some tragic cucumber lime
blended grasshopper combo UGH. (The pic loaded is not
workin, will uploader later) Had long chat and LOTsa Lotsa
laughter with those jokers

ok goodbye tata.
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Im a pro

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect

Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it.
You have the confidence to make the first move.
And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best.
Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing!
Are You a Good Kisser?

Anybody wanna try? For reservations please call 016-1234567
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STATdistic lecturer

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ok .. its thursday today .. but lets talk about .. YESTERDAY. (Beatles' Yesterday plays~~)

   Hmm guys remember writing "My Most Unlucky Day"
essays during primary school days? omgwtf on Wednesday
all the shittiest stuff happened to me .. all in one single day.

  Alrite early in the morning at 12 am of wednesday i was busy 
finishing my chem labo report. 
20 pages labo report . shit. luckily my super-ultra-mega (gay)
lab partner adrian was with
me. HOHOHO. finally we finished the damn thing around 3.30 am.
cool rite. 3 hous later at
6.30 i woke up, got ready, went to uni. Adrian was nowhere to be
seen, so i walked around
like some zombie waiting for him. finally he came. as i was walkin
with him to a table i ...

stepped on a @#$%ing piece of chewing gum.

a piece of gum on
the floor? They should make a law to ban chewing gum spitting
and those who
caught should be whipped then executed. HOHO bloody emo joe
 in action~

As i was busy cursing and hopping around trying to remove the
piece of BS on my shoe i unconsciously sat on the bench me. and do u guys know wtf was on the bench ?

Some black dung-like substance that looks so freaking geli .
GEEZ. and some of it was
on my jeans. SCREW THESE BUGGERS. Which human will do
such  a moronic thing such
as spitting at the very place u eat. Only a camel from the
sahaaraa will. GRR

then i went for chem lab. it was the last lab session of the unit,
and it was pretty simple.
After labo went to medan to makan. Then it was time for
adrian to go for STATistic class.
Since ive always joined STATistic class eventho i dont take
that unit (for fun, the lect never seemed to care), i decided to
join adrian for the stats class .. again.

i went in the class, sat there ..with adrian ... and talked lotsa crap.
All of a sudden the stats
lecturer came in and stared at me, then at adrian who was beside
me. and then he said:

"Adrian, is your friend there from our class?"
"He is interested in learning Stats sir" Adrian said.
"Sorry buy i cant allow people who didnt pay fees to come into
my class" lect said

wtf . hahah but it was reall funny tho. i sneaked into other classes
for beribu ribu kali and never
got caught so from now onwards i'll only attend ENginerring
lectures. HOHO.

then after everything .. when its time to go back . i was
stranded at pyramid again.

Seriously i feel like suing rapid kl's boss's ass. RAPID
abandoned me so many times!!

arghhhhhh time to cabut . cya muaks
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FF for Foosball Friday!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

ITS FRIDAY AGAIN ... Friday has long been set as my foosball/
futsal/targei/lepak/swimming day. so this week .. ive decided 
to foos the golden hours of friday 
... instead of finishing my maths assignment which is due next week.

Reached SS15 the haven of all sinful entertainments around 11. couldnt
resist foos ball so we went upstairs and foos straight away. Forgot all d
scores but it was kinda fun.

Then when it was 12 we makan with Kavi and chien. Lansi panmeen
decided to eat with his new-found friends.

Then we went upstairs for 2nd round of foos. Team Monash vs Team
Taylors as usual, but this time Team Taylors got themselves a superb
player Sean Chew!(he paid me to say all these)  He single handedly
brought his team to victory(pan meen was useless :P)

I then proceeded to play a game with Kavi. Come on i waited two long
weeks for a proper 1 on 1 game with Kavi and KIEN SENG just had to
ruin it. brought his friends, joined our game all of a sudden, wasted all
the balls away, and all he said was "sorry there wasnt anything i could do" when the ball went straight 
in. ARGH.

After alll the madness at AC we went to JS Internet. NO i dont own
that place it happens to adore my initals hence JS. anyway we played
CS with

Kavi "SHAKIRA" Jayakumar
Siaw Chien "aiyo" Yong
" whatever"
"wch" aka "potong kuku panjang"
Adrian " KaviMamamia" Chan
Joe Sern "KaviBirdy" Tan
Kien Seng "KAVITHA A/P JAYAKUMAR" Loo   (i was laughin
while typin this)

Initially Kien Seng and "wch" werent there yet so only me and
adrian joined the girls and we played against .. easy bots. so
sapu kau kau then suddenly kien seng and the "wch" guy came.

so we restarted the game. wch and kien seng and adrian vs me +
all the girls. HOHO im their hero. ok this wch guy started
whacking everybody with his all so mighty sniper while campin
in a small corner. My ass. Come on when you're playin a team
of beginners whats the fun of holding a big rifle and shooting them like as if youre at some bunny 
hunting party? Hey guys im not 
whining because i got killed or somthing mind  youu i was the
one raking all the frags okay. Its just that campers like this
kill the fun of the game. Anyway after a few rounds he aksed
me to join his team and so i joined his team but when i joined
his team he switched teams to the girls' team so he get to be

I then started to play strategy with Adrian and kienseng.
Our rushes were quick and successfull and we owned the
other team. (without using cheater sniper :)  )

At the end of the game i raked the highest kill followed by
adrian and then kienseng. A VERY SYOK GAME. GG
GUYs and gals.

hohoho ok time to sleep cya tata guys.
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Artistic Talent part II

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mr Tsung's Classic

Focus Fox with a little joe twist 

Kavi in battle mode

   Wohoho i forced Kavi to send me the screenshots of the funny pics from another
conversation we had.  I seriously have some drawing talent.

People if u ever need me to draw for you i would kindly draw for you with a small
price of ONE KISS only. (This offer is not for Adrian, Luke, or any other males in
this world)  hoho desperado joe in action.

OH by the way i did this for free for kavi. OMGWTF imagine if i had not done it
for free
i would be dead by now ...  i drew like 25~30 pics.
WahHahAhah no offense kavi

Wohoo crappin in my own blog is a nice way to release stress. :D  cya psychos
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Artistic Talent

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

OK two days of holidays and im startin to get bored.
Heres one cut-and-paste of one of the many crazy conversations i have
with Kavi.


Joe writes:
## i drew something funny here but i didnt save it so just imagine somethin
 - vi - says:
- vi - says:
Joe writes:

- vi - says:
- vi - says:
Joe writes:

- vi - says:
- vi - says:
- vi - says:
- vi - says:
- vi - says:
Joe writes:

- vi - says:
- vi - says:
- vi - says:
Joe writes:

Joe writes:

- vi - says:
Joe writes:

- vi - says:
- vi - says:
wei.. ive gtg out for lunch
Joe writes:

Joe writes:

Joe writes:

- vi - says:
- vi - says:
WAH yunceat got one canggih WInk
- vi - says:
for you
Joe writes:


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