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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

The painful truth

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shes taken. ..  

the truth hit me hard and i felt as if i was knocked by a train.
 definitely one of the biggest blows ive had. 

and i thought ... sigh

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hip hip hooray

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hmm. i would like to dedicate this post to Adam Chua who just mailed me wonderful music sheets of Yesterday and Greensleeves. wohoo. Apparently he mailed it via snail mail on saturday and i have been waiting anxiously for his mail :) Its hard for me to get music sheets (its sheets not shits, aka taugeh notes) of nice songs eventho i take music lessons. why? my guitar teacher wants me to ' BE PATIENT AND TAKE THINGS ONE STEP AT A TIME'. to hell with that. haha. i mastered grade 6 canon in d when i was in grade 2 and grade 5 (i suppose) Classical gas when i was in grade 3. so im not the kind of person who will take things one step at a time, i prefer taking things 20 steps at a time. bleh

so this super kind friend of mine agreed to photostat the music sheets that his teacher gave him and send them to me. I'll send u something back k? Peo's music sheets? hoohoo no promises

T H A N K Y O U.

I'll post these songs here once i mastered them :)

Also, li anne and wun's exams are over. lets partAAAAyyy !!!

Tata love u all. *whips*
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Tiny clip

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Heres a short clip i recorded. title: Romance

Its not the same clip as the Romance d Amor and yes im a bloody romantic person thats why i keep playin songs with Romance in their names. Go to the player on the right, click Hipshakers Unite album, click play, click last added, and click Romance, then play. yea even i find it very cumbersome but well..

btw i had a really nice day yesterday. Me adrian Shanq yeet brought our 2 guitars anda violin to uni, for some casual jammin session and yeah we had lotsa fun. we KINDA formed a tiny acoustic band and haha since we're all using string instruments we can perform as a String Ensemble hjahaha.

Im a (cool) crew

We're all in Monash Carnival & Motorshow security team so we went and slaved ourselves setting up the track and taking care of stuffs etc. too tired to to elaborate but we'll i should be updating with pics soon. and a video! :P

tata peeps
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Tong Hua(fairytale)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yo people heres Tong Hua. sorry for late update but the web streamer's been a bitch.
not really a hard piece. i can teach u if u want (for girls its free of charge:p)
Its JOe-II's debut performance. Also i got the tabs from this wonderful guitarist Graham who contributes to the society by making nice guitar video tutorials. check him out!

i didnt add my voice to it because it'll turn u on so much that u cant focus on the song. heehee

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Goodbye Amy

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Saturday, 4th of August

Amy Tan, who was my best friend when we were both in primary school(omg ive known her for 11 years!), is leaving for canada soon. we had a farewell outing at midvalley and it was a 'class 6M-ers only' kinda thing.

wohoo since i dont fucking have my license yet, i tagged along my cousin Kuan yi who drove me, ivan, and nicholas there. when we were i teh carpark looking for a place, the funniest thing of 2007 (till now) happened.

ok ive cleverly used paint to help illustrate my story, so pay attention punks:

as u can see in the picture, the rectangular boxes are cars. there are only 5 cars that u need to pay attention to. So our car is labelled 'B' in the picture. On the left are the parking spaces that were totally full yesterday. so basically when we moved into the position(our car front facing north in the picture), car C was moving out. Car A's front is facing north in this pic. and she kinda had her left signal turned on to indicate that shes booking the lot where car C was. Then big car E moved into the position in the pic, with its front facing us (south). He couldnt move so he whacked his horn like some mofo but we couldnt reverse our car because there was another car behind us. Then, car C moved out. so the sensible thing to do was to move into car C's lot and let car E move, THEN move out of teh lot again(as car A has already booked the lot). HOWEVER just as we moved our car into car C's empty lot, we saw the owner of car D goin into car D, which means car D SHOULD be moving out too. so we thought car A can just go into car D's lot and we dotn have to move out of lot C and into lot D again which is a total waste of time and energy. the thing is, car A didnt know that car D was gona move out. Car A thought we deliberately SNATCHED her lot. So she whacked her horn like some sick monkey and we were like 'OMFG should we give the lot back to her?'. so we decided to move the car out, as we were reversing our car we saww car D's owner starting the engine. So we thought 'oh nevermind' and then we moved our car into lot C again. but then car D didnt move out. and car A was getting real pissed, so we decided to move out again. again, jsut as we were about half way out, we saw that car D was finally moving. so we moved BACK into the lot. and all tehse while we were all laughing like mad dogs in the car. Guess what. when car D finally left, car A went into the lot and showed us their rage by staring fiercely at us. i mean the people in car A. All 3 of them(2 girsl and 1 guy). and their car was so close to ours that i couldnt open my door and signalled for them to reposition their car. hoho they then sped off with a loud VROOOOOm to show their displeasure. like i fucking care.


1. we didnt intend to snatch the lot, we moved into lot C due to circumstances.

2. we knew that car D was gonna move out eventually, so we didnt give the lot C back to car A.

3. due to multiple retarded suggestions on what to do (nicholas said we should move out and give the lot back to A when i said they can take lot D) our driver ended up moving the car in and out and in and out and in again.

4. we were laughin because it was totally hilarious

5. car A thought we were taunting themby moving in and out of the lot(especially when we were all laughing).

6. car A thought that it was just coincidental that car D moved out eventually. the thing is, we knew that from the start and that was why we didnt give the lot back to them.

7. such fucked up people.

8. well actually it was our fault :P

9. still, they are fucked up people. (yeah we win they lose blehh its my blog after all)

10. thank god we're still alive. a few months ago a korean got whacked and stabbed to death after he did something similar.

OK after that tiny drama we got into mivalley and procceded to get movie tickets. (yeah weird to watch movies when its a farewell) Btw,we got tickets for Disturbia.

Before teh movie we had our dinner at the Chillis. had lotsa fun chatting and catching up with all my long lost friends. we were 10 minutes late for our movie -.-"

==Disturbia review==

-Its a horror movie :)

- no ghosts no violent scenes just a lot of dead bodies

-its about a psycho murderer

-guess whos the lead actor? Shia LaBeouf. the guy who got to taste Megan Fox's lips in Transformers aka Sam Witkeekee (or somethign like that)

- guess whos the lead actress? Sarah Roemer. guys if u dont know who she is, please google her. SHES HOTTTTER THAN MEGAN. OMG THIs SHIA LEBEOUF GUY IS ONE LUCKY BUGGER.

- quite a number of kissing scenes. its a good idea to balance the horror in teh movie with romance. i think its an even better idea to have like 80% romance and 20% horror.

Since we didnt book our tickets beforehand, we got all front row seats and we didnt even get to sit together. we sat all scattered :( and i ended up sitting with Amy(just the 2 of us wohoo). she single handedly made the not-so-scary movie seem scary by tugging my sleeves and saying "oh shit the bad guy is comin" everytime they play some thriller music or when the bad guy gets ready to kill his victim. (hmm maybe it was just a ploy to get to touch me BAhaha) i managed to keep the situation under control by repeatedly reciting to her the "WOI CHILL LA" mantra.

After the movie Amy cabuted and we continued walking around for like half an hour before bidding farewell and going back as well. (thank god our car was still there considering what we did earlier).


TODAY 5th of August

after swimm class in the morning i went to watch Transformers for the 2nd time with my mum and sis. OMG transformers was still as full as ever!! can u imagine ? its already teh 6th week and people are still watchin it. we ended up watching it second row from the screeen. fark.

after watching Disturbia and transformers back to back i conclude that my initial hypothesis was correct: Sarah Roemer is hotter than Megan Fox. :P

btw im currently working on anotehr guitar song and it should be up by the end of this week.

To Amy,
Bon Voyage !

gtg peeps cya
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guys, read the last post before continuing. Ok i uploaded a tiny clip for u guys to enjoy(hopefully). I dedicate this song to Kavi. (i know she'll go AWWWWW when she sees this).

btw, this is NOT the project i talked about. The project that im working on will be posted here NEXT WEEK. sorry for the delay.


This piece is titled Romance d Amor. composed by unknown composer. Arranged by me. yeah kinda, i compiled this MY STYLE

oh btw let the clip finish loading before listening to it. =)

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Yo people

err .. the sorry for the delay but the tiny project i told u guys about couldnt be completed on time because of a screwed up Windows Movie Maker that just had to screw up at the last minute. Again i have never said its a 'power update' (kiensengthepanmeen, 2007) .. and i didnt 'harp' (panmeen the kienseng) much about it too.. and dont expect too much. :P

I'll prolly update with my tiny project next week.

Adrian has agreed to assist me by lending me his laptop. .. so A BIG HUG from me yea bro? (not to mention some hardcore whipping too)

gtg tata
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