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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

my Aquaria blog will only come after streamyx gets faster (the slow speed makes it impossible for me to upload pics)

today .. i went to register at Monash. On our way there ... my terrible ordeal began ..

1. " you should have gotten above 90 TER if u had put in more effort"
2. " you can only get scholarshit now. dont even think bout scholarships"
3. "your chem teacher is right. Choose your uni not the other way round"
4. " your room is so messy can u please clear your stuff? everyday u spend hours at the comp doing nothing"
5. " ive never seen another person as lazy as you"
6. ....... and the list goes on

those were the crap my dad said to me this morning. i wished he would change the topic to something like fundamentals of money or the Korea issue or the U.S. policy in Iraq or anything like that .. world news, politics, anything ... BUT me. seriously i dont like it when i dont get to talk back and im expected to listen listen listen and LISTEN. Being nagged at is seriously very very annoyin. I was almost at my boiling point when we saw a car go BANG! and overturned on the other lane. gosh i 
hope the guy is ok.


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Gay week...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .....Wow i was actually waiting for Adriano 
for the christmas pics but i cant
wait anymore ... so i decided to blog anyway, with or without the pics. (i'll add the pics once i get 
them, u get to see santa joe in action!)

Alrite since this is a long overdue post, i shall go thrue my week(half of it actually) day by day ..

alrite today is the day. the judgement day. woah or hardo day. i was really really really nervous on this day, but i wasnt that nervous 2 weeks ago. Two weeks ago i had a backup plan if i failed to get into chem engineering, which is to go for biotech. But after some serious thinkin-over and talks with counsellors and my papa and goin for the bioteik exhibition and all, i have a much clearer pic of biotech now. is this what i want? no, too bad. So now im left without a backup plan,  and my results will either make or break me. minimum entry requirement is 85 TER, which is to be the top 15% in the world.(woah i like the latter) Its not like SPM where i just hope to get as many As as possible, getting one more or one less wont have a serious impact on me. However for this, its either i get 85, or i dont get into uni. this is serious shyt man. i was so freaked out on that morning that i went for a movie with my friends, tryin to act cool, when the rest of the world is busy crashing the SSABSA website like a bunch of angry ants attacking a gorilla. (or anything) I went to watch Eragon, its about dragons and riders and bla bla bla but HOLEEEY the princess is sooooo cute. Im gonna watch it again, just to see the princess hehehe. ok after lunch the g16 hardos were already smsing me their results. TER93 ! TER94 ! TER95 ! TER96 ! TER97! TER98! wow i have a bunch of smart friends. so i cant wait anymore , after 
lunch i went to my friend's 
house to CHECK IT. ok it was really funny actually, i brought my entire gang with me to check the results. since none of them took SAM, im the only super excited kid there. So i told them, the moment the page loads, if they see anything more than 85, just scream, if not, shut up. so i clicked. and the page was loading ... and loading... and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA everybody started shouting before i could say wtf.

hahaha yeah i got 88.75 and i started dancing with my friends and all , haha hardo gang.then we went to klang parade for a game of pool. Ok li anne was there, and she was at reject shop. so i decided to prank her. the original plan was to ask her to come meet me at the stage area, then i'll be watching from upstairs, and she'll end up looking around for me, so me n my friends can see li anne when shes blur. so i smsed her number, and i waited upstairs. and waited. and waited. HOLEY. she didnt come. so after some 20 minutes of waiting, my friends called me a moron and left to continue with pool. ROFLMAO. ARGH rupa rupanya Li Anne's phone no batt. sheeesh. ok i sapu-ed my friend in pool, went home, mum smsed all her friends about my results and asked her sister to buy the 4D number of 8875 . Also dad wasnt all that excited bout my TER coz he expected >90. LOL.

Alrite today's the day im supposed to go to Taylors to get my hardo results. SO i went there and got my slip. and in the envelope there were all the crap (offer letters and all, BLOODY ppl they didnt even offer me Engineering and intstead they offered food science. for what? so i can learn to mix bak kut teh with char koey teow and hope that the eater not get a tripple heart attack after that?)  after getting results we went to asia cafe where i had a long chat with anne wun adrian panseng and wai yip. then wai yip had to leave, and the rest of us proceeded to sunway pyramid for some jalan jalan-ing. ok the girls wanted to go on their own, so they went shoppin for girlie stuff while me pan meen and adriano went to the arcade. we played the shooting game(no its not those game where u shoot at the screens , its a game where u hold a rifle and shoot at REAL stuff in an area, and when u hit the target the target will do something silly..) ok adrian's a legendary shooter, robin hood's brother. he hit 19 targets out of the 20 shots he made. i hit 16 out of the 20. and i must tell u that Kien seng is the god of all shooters, idol of all archers, master of all guns, lord of all hunters and he made the unbeatable record of ... hitting only ONE out of TWENTY shots. yes. no he wasnt clowning. We then walkeed around, met the girls, and went to shop for santa hats. yes i got a nice cute one, and then its time to go home, so me kien seng wun lianne left pyramid, and adrian had to wait for his dad alone. (window shoppin again?)

At night, i finally caught Kavi on9. she just came back from Cambodia with some cambodia aura so i decided to O2 jam with her. yeah i waited for her all week so i can dedicate my level 28 to her. heeeeeeeeeeeee . So after playin the song Brahms Hx4 , i passed the mission with 2 misses and 3 bads. not bad rite? and i got myself a fan.

Im CeZzaRiO , jkavi is well, jkavi, and RONALDO222 is panmeen

ok nothing much in the morning and afternoon. At5  o clock, i stopped jamming and got myself ready. I bathed and waxed my hair and left for the CHRISTMAS PARTY FOOOOOOOOO. i was supposed to take a train from Klang to telok gadong and li anne will pick me up there, and we'll go to party together with wun and adriano.
So after waiting for 20 minutes at telok gadong, li anne reached. So in the car i was intro-ed to Alvin and Jo (well this was the OTHER Joe at lianne's blog) So in the car i was really quiet, trying to put on a not-so-hardo identity. KEKEKEKE. after fetchin wun we reached the party place, house of the Ong family. we met up with adrian there, and we started our adventure, to get to know as many girls as possible that nite, and to remember their names.  Alrite the party was quite cool, with all the cool guys and cool chix there (girl in pink stockings, adrian) . and after a couple of hours, there were performances by Harvest Church people. ok a few kids played a christmas song on their violin (weee i like violin people) and then, came the ULTIMATE. Li anne Dancing !!! ufooooooooooooooooo i gave the loudest cheer when lianne and her dance mates came on stage. wahahha can u imagine li anne doin hip hop, WOW it was awesome. wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . ok i shall stop laughing  coz it was really cool.
Erm we then called julie to come over, and after some hardo psycho tactics she came over. we played some games, and then when it was about 11, the party ended and everybody said goodbye. Mr ong, the boss of the house, asked us to check his toilet. wahahah he had a tortoise in the toilet. the tortoise looked really constipated, it must have gotten that look from staring at people constipating everyday thruout the years ....

well .. i'll try to recall the names of the people i met that nite.

1. Alvina
2. Maydeline
3. Shereen
4. Ong Li Hui
5. Jo

1. Caleb
2. Colin
3. Alvin

ARGH bullshyt i cant even recall 10 names. weehehehehehe i have bad memory pls 
forgive me...  eh Li Anne please gimme a few names so i can refresh my memory. and yee wun wats ur friend's name .. the girl  who came.. sorry sorry for forgetting

Alrite time to chao... tata ! muaks
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ufoo joe is back !!

Friday, December 15, 2006

gosh im still half dead now, and i shall cut the crap (most of them)  coz i just survived the 2nd toughest week in this year. (the toughest being my Finals Paper week)

1. Sunday nite me my dad my mum my sis and my bro (just kiddin, i dont have one) went for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. We ordered fish vege and prawns. The instant i finished my meal, i felt an urge to throw up. Gosh i could feel spiderman fighting doc oct in my stomach. ( NO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH "60% a pig" or "60% a squid" or anythin like that, Lianne/Kavi. Well to cut things short, i didnt overeat). I went home, my stomach was bloated, i felt as if i was carrying a size 12 bowling ball in my stomach. I thought it was some usual stomach discomfort but as time passed by, it got worse. FInally.. i  -tooot-. yeah i  -toot-ed . ok ok i vomited. .. Then 10 minutes after that, it was MY DAD's turn ! HOLEY MOTHER NATURE they must have spiked our food with mentos+cocacola. That nite i threw up 3 times, and gosh i was real sick. My dad threw up a couple of times too.

2. The next day my dad and i went to see our family doc. Too bad its our Almighty Duli Yang Maha Mulia Hebat Perkasa Berani Cergas Kacak Banyak-Bijak Banyak-Lengchai Sultan Selangor's Birthday. So the clinic was not open. I had to to go some Poliklinik to see some unknown doc .. ARGH. SO i went there and there was only one doc on duty, a young indian lady doc. Ok after some mambo jambo she said ... i needed a JAB. i was like wtf im not a sick maggot infested monkey why gimme a jab ? just gimme some pills. she said it'll work faster. so OK. and guess what? the jab was on my si fatt. alrite it means my BUTTs. before i could cry OUCH the needle was out already and there was only a sore on my u-know-where. my dad got the same thing HAHA. we got the medicine and went home. strange thing, the doc didnt give me any vomit or diarrhea medicine. errr. .... so i went home .. I had dinner and slept . No more vomiting ... the next day i was a superman i was all active ... and things got better UNTIL ...
I took fried rice.  i was supposed to take only porridge but i tot i was a man of steel and told my mum that im ready for fried stuff. too bad i dont have a stomach of steel. I threw up again and again ....

3. THIRD DAY. ok i took all the medicine, got enough rest, and observed a strict diet. i took porridge only. things got better.

My super pills+ rehydration salts+ 100plus

so i tried to go on9. and guess what? the PPP light on my modem is OFF. i was ultra pissed . 
it just wont light up.

This is what a working modem should look like. Its not clear here but the PPP light is the leftest most. I wonder what PPP means? Power Puff Pigs LOLL

I thought some ultra lightning roasted my modem or somthing but too bad there wasnt any rain or storm for the past few days. So i was ultra restless and began calling anne vi and everyone to check whether its our good friend Streamyx's problem. too bad it was only me. ARGH

So i spent the day reading some books.

At night, after dinner, my dad got an sms. From Streamyx. Those horny ppl disconected my streamyx because apparently i havent paid for FOUR months !! holey mother nature they obviously made a mistake so my mum is goin to CHECK THEM the next day,

OK TODAY, FRIDAY- I finally had my first decent meal since my ordeal began. A nice hot boul
of instant kimchi noodles. yum yum

After breakfast we went to TM point (formerly Telekom) and sorted out the matter. Rupanya rupanya its Maybank's fault. Coz 
my mum uses an Autopay
service which deducts her money and pays to streamyx automatically.
Apparently maybank didnt pay for 4 months !! argh !  So we got our streamyx back, and we went for bak kut teh ! yeah i know not a nice thing to start off with especially when u just recovered from lao-sai-ing but well .. BKT ROXXx

So im here on9-ing now. For those whos reading this and missed me during my absence plz drop a msg at the chatbox. hehehe so i know how many joe fans there are out there. and yeah im considering professional help to catch the spammer of my chatbox and i'll make him pay coz im seriously pissed. ciaoz ~ muaks love u all

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hmm ... its all about bio-TEIK-nology (just kiddin luke)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

   Woke up early today, and guess what? my dad asked me whether i wanna go to Bio Malaysia, an exhibition about bio related stuff at the KL Convention Centre. Since he wants to avoid the scary KL traffic jam and possible flash floods, we decided to take the *trusted* service of KTM.

   Alrite, in the KTM, i tidur-ed as usual, since it'll take us a good 40 minutes to reach Sentral from bandar diraja Klang. But as we were approaching the Jalan Templer station, i woke up, and guess what ?! I  saw KIEN SENG'S FRIEND sitting beside me !!! holey mother nature coincidence! Yes 'kien seng's friend' is a girl, pan meen's friend. (alrite kienseng, sean, adrian dont go crazy) .. We dont know each other, so  i continued sleepin till we reach Sentral. We then boarded the PutRRRa LRT to KLCC. We went straight to the Convention Centre, where we were required to register before being allowed in. To register, one needs a name card and they will give u a pass. I dont have a name card, so i filled in a form, and under the 'Position in Company', i thought for a  while, and decided,  'CEO'. ROFL. GOSH all the girls at the reception were like freking hott!! i wonder whether they choose them based on qualification or beauty. foo~!

yeah yeah im the CEO of taylor's college. wat do u think?

  Alrite inside the hall, well, there are lots of booths, some tiny some huge. I walked around, hmm looks like im the youngest visitor there. All around me are apeks(my dad not inlcuded) and i was had the feeling of being a successful young businessman! fooo~!  Joe Gates. Not bad, not bad ...

  There is a booth of a company specializing in treating infertility, and wohooo i got to see LIVE SPERM FOR THE FIRSST TIME IN MY LIFE, thru an electron microscope! hahah those wriggling creatures, gosh i wondered who provided them haha...

A healthy(slightly hardo) sperm ...

   OK we then proceeded to a booth of a company that sells bio tech equipment. and  i saw a bio tech safety suit. it looks cool !

The bio suit. NO THATS NOT ME U MORON!

   Then we moved on, lots of interesting stuff, and we came to a stall selling bio-made pills and vitamins. One of them, called Vitamin Pintar Khas has this banner :

I think Kavi needs this. JUST KIDDIN! JUST KIDDIN!

   Ok so after we finished visiting the booths, we came to the HSBC booth. The sales girl came to my dad, and my dad pointed to me, sayin Hes the Boss. She came to me and started her mantra " Afternoon sir. We have this loan for. ...." and then she looked at my tag. "TAYLORS COLLEGE" . she stopped mumbling, and said "OK then." and cabuted. bloody cow being a student really sux.

   So we cabuted after that. and we went to KFC for the new ZINGER MAXX bullshyt. After lining up for 15 minutes, that donkey worker told me there are no more ZINGER MAXX left. i was like WTF? dont u guys make burgers? dont u guys keep MAXXimum burger stock for burger fans like me ? So we settled for OR Fillet burger instead. We left KLCC soon after.

  In the train, when i was sound asleep, i was awoken by an SMS. From my goodfriend kavi. Guess what?

Ok she passed level 12 o2 Jam mission. EVERYONE CHEER!

Soon she be as good as :

   HHEHEHehe alrite guys! enough of bloggin! Cya !

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Sunday ... is more like Scumday

Sunday, December 3, 2006

OK. Its sunday again. Normally its my favourite day of the week, but this week, Holey mother nature it was one hell of a disaster.

   Well, to start things off, i shall go back in time abit .. to Saturday nite. I was having a wonderful O2 jamming session with Meowie Karwing Panseng Koala Koala'sFriend and Koala'sFriend's Friend when suddenly ... i heard a Kabooom sound. (ok its not a kaboom i was just exaggerating) It was my guitar string snapping, AGAIN. Erm guitar 
strings snapping is 
common but the thought of letting my teacher restring it will give 
me migraines. He charges for
 restring, for barang buatan amerika, polishing(holey), and for his
 skill. Yes u heard me right. 
HIS SKILL. ARgh stupid guitar.

My disastrous guitar (zoom in and u can see the fourth string missing ROFL)

 After the jamming session everybody cabuted and i was chatting with Koala. Her indecisiveness on whether to join our Badminton session this wednesday made me try to psycho her into going, in the end i only slept at 1am, and still she is undecided. BOO.

 Ok its Sunday morning.

 Swimming time! Im damn tired but i love swimming alot, so i struggled and managed to get up at 8, took 
some milo and off we 
went to the Matsushita Pool in shah alam. Alrite my coach was 
already there, i showered, 
and went into the pool. The session started pretty OK, with 
warm ups and all ... 10 laps of
 freestyle 10 laps if breastroke..... and SUDDENLY

The chief coach came and said we are gonna have a competition today. HOLEY ! ive  always wanted to join a swimming competition and YAY i get to fight the others. But wait a second.
This means i have to fight those tournament swimmers. HEY THEY ARE TOURNAMENT SWIMMERS ... they just strike fear into the other swimmers..

So our Chief coach decided that we shall have a 4-a-team relay competition. My team leader was a tiny guy, much shorter than
(erm i donno why but i just felt like comparing them :p) but mind u 
he is quite good. 
So our first even was Breastroke. Erm im more confident with this 
stroke coz this is the 
stroke that i like most, compared to freestyle and butterfly. 
I was 3rd in line, and the first was another tiny guy. (not sure
whether he is good)

=TAKE A MARK !=   (it means get into position and ready to plunge)
The tiny guy got himself into position and waited for the whistel.

And splashing sounds were heard all over as the guys plunged into the pool. OH MY! The tiny guy was really slow. Cant blame him hes still a kid afterall. HOLEY MOTHER NATURE hes last! my leader was screaming like crazeeee ......too bad ..

[[[[ I didnt bring my camera to the pool, but i REALLY wanna illustrate to u my experience there. So thanks to my creativity and my skills with MS PAINT, u guys get to see a revolutionary method of photo-blogging. enjoy.]]]]

The tiny guy is circled in red

Ok now the tiny guy is coming back. My sis(yes she is in my team too. No, shes not that pro) readied herself, and BOOM she dived into the pool as the tiny guy reaches. She tried to potong the other swimmers bbut instead she terpotong her own stim when everybody overtook her. Our future seemed bleak.

My sis is coming back. I can feel the adrenaline rushin thru my veins ... a huge burden .. i must beat them ....

concentration foo~

and off i dived into the pool ......

BUT .........WTF ?!!!!

my trunks nearly came off ...... and i quickly grabbed it and kicked forward, and after fixing it i did super breastroke, and i used all my energy ............ and I overtook the other swimmers ... and when i finished my swim .. my team was leading . FOOOOOOOOO~! I SAPU-ED THE TOURNAMENT SWIMMERS  wahahahahah ...... so in the end we emerged Juara Pukulan PAyudara (breastroke champs, err forgive me my BM sux) .

then came the bomb. My chief coach wants us to do Freestyle now. GOSH FREESTYLE ! ARGH... i memang swim like cockroach(yes cockroach style, kavi) when i do freestyle so i was really nervous. Then came bomb no.2 .. my leader said, since i can swim so well (he was impressed with my breastroke) i will be swimming FIRST ! i shivered when i heard that. But no way a MAN like me is gonna show my weakness to the chix around. So i cooly said "No prob. U watch me own them."



i dived again ... NO MY TRUNKS DIDNT COME OFF THIS TIME  haha. I TRIED not to look like a cockroach when i did freestyle ...err .....and thank god i was not last. As i reached the middle of the lap ....

= KABOOM !!=

A super hardo stomach ache struck me. Argh i felt as if a porcupine was dancing in my stomach. I tried my best to regain composure .. but holey .. my legs started to cramp and i was trying my best not to sink.. and finally .......... I GAVE UP.


I swam to the side and got out of the pool. My face was white accordin to the chief coach. GOSHHHHHH i just embarassed myself in front of the chixxxxx...... wat have i done .... I rested for 20 minutes in the toilet...yeah i walked with kaki tempang due to all the lactic acid building up in my muscles given by the formula:

C6H12O6 --> C6H12O5 + CO2 + Energy

Oh sh!t thats the formula for fermentation argh forget it ....

So i rested .. and swam abit more. then i went to bathe. When i finished bathing .. i came out only to realize that my sis is not ready yet. So i picked a nice spot under the tree and sat there relaxing ... and i  ...... sang Bad Day.( luv u Daniel Powter)

JASDHJKASDHJASD hOLEeEy~~!!!!! I could hit the high notes this time! i tried again. GAGAGAGGA i can actually hit the high notes !! Must have 
been the chlorine i swalloed, 
i thought.

I made an urgent call to Professor Tan Swek Fang in Australia .. and asked her what is happening to me. 
She thought for a while..
 and she explained to me that this is due to a rare Oxidation of the 
Vocal Chords by Chlorine, 
Cl2, hence producing a mucus which has a combination of Uranium 
235 and Plutonium, hence chain reaction, hence producing alot of
 radiation in the throat. Combined with UV Cosmic Ray
 Bombardation from the sun, the equation balances itself producing 
a super rare compound, DPLV, which enables us to hit freakin high 
notes with no trouble.

so guys, if u ever wanna consider a career in singing, take my advice, drink chlorine.

# DPLV = Daniel Pooter's Lembu Voice

I went home, and rested a while, and yes i fixed my guitar so i am happily canon-in-D-ing now.

By the way, if u havent realized by now, the **~** part is merely crap. keke.

Alrite chill guys, ive just went thru hell this morning so some crapping is inevitable. MUAKS LOVE U ALL TATA.
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