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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

Electricals foooo

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Im having my final exams now, Electricals is this friday and im workin hard to pass it :P HEHEHE. For those who dont know, Electricals is my weakest subject in this sem. My brain just cant process circuit questions. ARGH.

This is my beloved text book. Initially i photostated this book for 65 bucks, the original text book was 70 bucks(damn fukin stupid i know), and then, and i LOST it. Ended up buying the original textbook after losing the photostated one and spending 135 bucks for a book for a stupid subject.

Ive been doing lotsa past year questions. hopefully they stick to the darn format, not like 1060 Computing last week where they gave the toughest paper in 5 years -.-".

I hate electricals. No love for it at all. Especially when they give stupid questions like this:

Hoho compare your circuit questions with these kavi :P

And when pages

and pages

and pages

and pages

of workings cant solve the question,

you tend to do this:

and get marks like this:

Have a good day people. Tata.
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Meow Meow

Saturday, October 27, 2007

OK i think i'll blog about this incident that happened some time ago, but since i didnt have the pics then, i decided to hold it till now =)

It was a friday, and adrian and lok didnt want to join me and shanq for music playing so i went to shanq's place alone. After our music session, Shanq was gona send me to KTM when this cutest creature on the planet came to his house gate, meowing. And we didnt want it to get squashed when we move the car out, so i went to move the kitten away.

As i was about to grab it,

it walked to my feet, laid down, RUBBED ITS TINY BODY ONTO MY SHOES and started doing the cutest MEOWWWing ever

i was like O - M - G and it was soOoOOoOOOOooooOOOO damn Cute!

Waiting to get laid.

Super tiny rascal


Damn too bad it was in subang. I swear if it had appeared in front of my house with that stupid emo look and that extreme cuteness, i would have taken it in as my pet, regardless of what my parents say. im not the kind of guy who will go OH ITS SO CUTE over every single shit they see but this kitten was really really cute.

Anyway its been 2 months now i hope that bugger is doin fine.

Cya peeps.

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Exam fever

Friday, October 26, 2007

Haha sorry for the lack of posts. Im very busy preparing for my final exams :P. I went for my first paper, Computing 1060 paper last thurs, and my last day of exams will be on the 12th of November. After that its pARTAYYY TIMEe... i have FOUR MONTHS of holidays .. i just love summer hols

btw the Computing 1060 test wasnt easy at all. hell it was hard like cock. Man it was one of the subs that i aimed for Distinction but now .. its gone . dammit im only hoping that i pass it .

Haha electricals 1030 is my next paper, on this coming friday. Well its my weakest sub but im studying real hard so i hope i'll be able to nail it.

I have Stuructures 1020 the following friday. yeap i have 1 week between each exam day. structures should be okay but better not be overconfident it'll probably be as f*cked up as computing.

Then i have my 1010 Process Systems Analysis subject. this is the only prerequisite for chem engineering. Im so gonna ace this one. i mean i have to, since its the only sub with 2/3 objective questions in the finals and the only one with zero failure rate and highest HD (high distinction) rate

All the best to you monkeys having your exams right now. CYaaa
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Helo ?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

ok heres an issue that ive always wanted to blog about. I find it EXTREMELY (to the most extreme of the extremes) annoying when people DONT PICK UP THEIR CALLS.

Come on. Whats the point of buying some couple of thousand ringgit, extremely stylish, state of the art phone when YOU DONT PICK UP YOUR CALLS? The phone is for both CALLING and RECEIVING calls, and if you only want to make calls and not receive them, why not just save up that couple of thousand bucks because its totaly not worth the money buying something that youre not goin 2 fully utillize. Its like buying yourself a panty, tear it into two and then wear only half of it. Rediculous right? Go buy yourself a shotgun and blast a hole in your brains because that is what you obviously need.

Ok i understand. You were busy. you left your phone at home. you were sleeping. Your cat accidentalyl swallowed your n90. I totally understand that part because sometimes, i dont answer my calls immediately too. Especialyl when im playing o2jam :P BUT.. you are not as famous as Pamela Anderson nor her boobs and people wont call you up just to spam you. And come on we are your friends. when you see a misscall on your screen wont you feel curious why this guy/gal called you? whether there could be somethign urgent? especially when you see MULTIPLE MISS CALLS. wtf you think people call you just to listen to your ring tones? cant you just REPLY THOSE MISSCALLS? even a short sms will do

Oh last but not least, i dont understand why some people even put the phone on silence mode when they're at home. You have a phobia of your own ring tone? IMO you should never put your phone on silence when ure at home because firstly its not in your pockets where u (or your balls) can pick up the tiniest vibration from your phone; and secondly youre most likely to leave it in your room, or on your bed, or on the sofa, or upstairs where you NEED A PPHONE RING to know someone's calling you. However if your house is a place of zen where you want total peace and freee of disturbance from the outside world, thats a different story altogether.

Woot it looks like i just made a rant here. Aiya dun care laa. :P So boys and girls, you didnt buy your phone just to zap your balls and/or sifatt right. Again, Answer your calls.

Joe out~
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Happy Kuruvi (Bird) Dayyy Kavii

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yea shes the (wo)man.

One of my closest female friend ever, shes always there for me, when i needed someone to talk to, to debate with, to make fun of others with, to whip (woops).... and the list goes on.

To make long story short,



Lok Soon !

Got to know this guy in my first semester of Uni. Got close really quickly. But we only got REAL close this semester. The gay four (Adrian, Me, Lok, and Shanq Yeet) have been spending so much time together


Lok Zai,

HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYY. may your balls grow larger

Got to go do some studying now. cya guys
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Four guys and a guitar

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last friday the Gay Four (Me AdrianC, Lok and SHanq) got together to play music. Ended up with a super funny recording. :D

Check out the music player on the right and look for "Untitled"

Enjoy. rofl
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Happy belated Mooncake Festival

Monday, October 15, 2007

Haha sorry for this long-overdue update on Moon cakes .. yum yum

My aunt ordered this super canngih mooncake that you cant buy from any shop.

Look at the cute baby fish beside the grandfather fish! ps: the baby fish lost one eye because i decided to curi makan the cherry

Smile at the camera~!

Since this is a super mooncake with greentea+ tausar+ lotus filling and lotsa yolks :P , you have to cut it this way.
Cut it any other way and u'll end up getting some cuts with all yolk and no filling and others with all filling and no yolk.

Oh we have the ordinary Kam Lun Tai mooncakes too but since they are ORDINARY types i m not gona blog bout them here

Cya guys:P
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HTML Headegg

Saturday, October 13, 2007

omg holy cow this html bullshit is giving me a headegg

Bad thing is it looks like crap now, after i TRIED tweaking it.

Good thing is, im learning fast and i know how to design blogskins now :P yay that means i dont have to rely on blogskins anymore!

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Yo babes

Friday, October 12, 2007

Im back.

just cant quit bloggin :)

real fuckin busy now.

will make a real post tmr.

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Quote of the century

Monday, October 1, 2007

Somehow i just find this impromtu conversation super damn funny

Our friend's bday is coming soon. and when i told lok zai the bday gift budget is about 15 ringgit (niama im damn tight la)..

Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
bugdet MYR15.. wth?!
Joe says:
WAHahha wat you want then
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
Shiphire Lso Soresu says:
sing a song for her la, alot cheaper


random funny stuffs like this make my day
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