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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

well when i was havin the finals i kept telling myself "i need a break! i need a break! i wished the holidays were sooner" .. and now, 6 days after my final paper, im finally out of the mad game-marathon i had everyday for the past six days. for the past 6 days, i spent at least 10 hours a day in front of the comp like a game deprived kid. i played all the games in my hard drive and collection and now im almost done with Rome:Total War( i have another 10 cities to conquer muahaha)

today i sat down and did some serious thinking on what i should focus on this holiday. well two things popped up:

1) Guitar

2) Utopia

Hoho. Im gonna give my all into guitar and i'll try to perfect/master/learn as many songs as possible :P

My full collection of boooks, notes, chords

My printed chords, mostly from ultimate-guitar.com is thicker than Oxford Dictionary

My guitar books

and Last but not least, the warrior in the family, the lesser known older brother, the hero behind the scenes, my first guitar:

Mamamimimomokuku! (dont have a name for it, lets just call it this for now)

Oh by the way im focussing more on classical guitar and classical pieces for the time being, so no Joe-II appearance here.

Songs i want to learn:

1) Asturias Leyenda - Diploma piece
2) Cavatina - grade 8
3) Canon rock - omg this is the hardest shit in the world (probably because im a finger picker not a pick-picker) but i am gonna try my best to learn it. err i promised to play this to someone within a year so i better get moving. i need some whipping

Songs i want to Master:
1) Classical Gas

Songs i want to Perfect:
1) Romance d Amor- bloody emo hamsap piece. gona play it for someone too =p (p.s. the first someone and the second someone are different someones)
2) Canon in D -grade 6 classical guitar piece aka my most beloved darling piece
3) All the oldies i learnt in guitar class

All of a sudden im so into classical guitaring .. thanks to my online buddy aka classical guitar freak, Adam.

Im probably getting a younger brother for Joe-II and Mamamimimomokuku at the end of this year. Hoho my mum thinks im crazy. Well it will definitely be a classical guitar, as Mamimimomokuku (damn i should have made it shorter) is kinda worn out and i need a better classical guitar.

And regarding my second want-to-accomplish mission for this holiday, Utopia, the new age has just started and i'm gona devote as much time as possible to it to make it to the top-in-the -world charts again.


Altho not mentioned above, i would also like to spend as much time as possible with the Haardos. and read this: IM PLANNING A LAGOON TRIP. TELL ME YOUR PREFERRED DATES . i'll try to time it so that most of you guys can go. It'll be fun to have a combo of differnet group of friends for our lagoon trip so people, get MORE PEOPle. (adrian please ask mei yee's gang whether they can join us)

alrite. time to ciao. Joe out~
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Friday, June 22, 2007

well my exams are finally over! wohoooo

i did quite ok in my last paper-physics, and i even walked out before the exam ended. After my exams i went straight to Taylors to play foosball with my BABEH. Then she drove us to kepong (where she lives) , showed me ms Jolene's house (ROFL), and then we took a train to midvalley to meet Aloy and Simon. Well shes kinda hardcore when she drives ... she can actually ask me to hold the wheel while she SMSes. luckily she had a super co driver like me. (who doesnt even have a licence yet)

After the jalan jalan in midvalley we all went back. I had a very nice sleep. :P

Today i went to subang to foos + CC+ Foos+ futsal + more foos with The Gang.

end of story.

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Physics - the final paper

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wokeh after the depressing Dynamics paper now i'll be facing the ultimate paper - Physics for Engineering.

Well, physics is my personal favourite subject. :P Come on im gointo become a legendary engineer some day so i HAVE to like physics.

by the way heres my physics lecturer Dr Lan that im proud of. Seriously hes the best teacher ive had. Haha Li anne hes the guy i always talked to you about. Look at his pic. understand Conservation of Hair theory? he was the one who gave us all the egg projects to work on. Wahahah this guy here just cracks us up. Rate his humor? FIve stars.

Well hes also one of the more-decorated lecturers in Monash.

His achievements include:

- Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching -- the first academic from a non-Australian campus to receive the award.

- winner of three Fuller Fund Awards from the American Association of Physics Teachers

- winner of two Best Engineering Lecturer Awards from the Monash University Student Association

- winner Pro Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award Runner-Up Award from Monash University Malaysia

wokehh (he paid me to do this advertisement crap :P) time to study!

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Its gone..

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

damn. i think i actually failed my Dynamics paper. I gave my best . But still it wasnt enough. The paper today shocked everybody. The level of difficulty was too high for us. The standard of the past year papers were no where close to this. Nobody actually knows the real answer for question 4. Can u imagine this? fuck. I didnt study much for the finals and so far all the papers havent been easy for me but This is by far the worst. Especially when Dynamics isnt under my Weak Sub list. Ironically enough i find maths easier than dynamics. Great. It was funny when i told kavi my dad's gonna castrate me if i fail any of the subs. Now it isnt so funny anymore.. sigh. It didnt help today when my dad comforted me after the test. Damn its like you know u did somethign wrong but the person doesnt seem to blame you. Somehow the shitty feeling gets worse.

Monash policies are just great. If you fail the paper, no resitting the exam. Nor can u pay just for the paper. You HAVE TO REDO the whole unit, which means you have to go for all the labs, lectures, tutes AGAIN(no skippin). Not to mention you have to pay the fee in whole.

Geez this is seriously giving me a headache. Yeah i know the exam is already over and theres no point whining over it because u cant change a shit BUT its just hard not to do so. I mean so much is at stake. Its just four bloody subjects and i cant even score. Pathetic.

I seldom get moody over stuff like exams but damn this means alot to me. If i fail the subs i have to retake it next sem, go for all the bloody lectures labs and tutes again, see the bloody lecturer's face again, pay all the bloody fees again. I will also graduate one sem later, i guess, because if i fail this unit i wil have to retake it next unit and the subs in next unit will be pushed for ward to the next sem and so on.

I seriously pray that everything will turn out okay. -~
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ok a post with some politcal crap today. OMG look at this( The Star, 16th June, 2007) :

holy. Military secrets can be scary eh? Imagine turning everybody into gays. Their objective is to gay-ify enemy soldiers,using some gila sial hormones, hopin that the soldiers will make love and not war. CAN U ImAGINE THAT? yucks man... imagine spraying both munchoy and kien seng with that chemical ... turnin them into monsters .. argh

well it makes me wonder whether they ACTUALLY dropped ATOMIC bombs on japan back then in the world war II.., with people like Razor Ramon Hardo Gei appearing not long after :P

Hardogei, blame the US !

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Bday havoc

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wohoo mum's bday was quite a blast. I planned everything from the gift to the flowers. Anyway kinda busy to blog bout it now so i'll just post pics
Birthday girl
Birthday roses
12 of em
happy family
happy family II
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Damn bloody monash finals is killing me. Operation Nerding is on the way but somehow i still have alot of problems with my maths. GEEZ i hope a miracle happens. Oh by the way i forgot to do my last webtest. ZERO. shit. Nobody reminded me ARGH.

Joe out-
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Friday, June 1, 2007

OMG SEMESTER finals are here!! NO FOOSING TILL FINALS ARE OVER. errm prolly i'll just play once a week. Maybe twice. or thrice. :D all d best in your finals guys..
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