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I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a lovely sunday morning ..

i went for swimming classes as usual, but the difference is today my mum actually
went into the pool with me wahahha

Well she got a nice swimsuit the other day, and she decided to swim for the first time
in .. twenty years? i dont know why she stopped for such a long time but maybe she
had a traumatic experience like getting chased by a shark in the sea or getting
harassed by hamsap swimmers. (yeah visualize adrian) . I gave her some pointers
and she managed to recall what her swim coach taught her 20 years ago. so well,
she could do froggy style after all.

Went for lunch, and came home...

to a rude shock.

gosh i ended up being:

all the science i accumulated from my pump last week are gone. hell.
cya peeps
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saturday again wohoo

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Well its saturday again wohoooo .. i love weekends alot, its the only time i get
to escape the heavy workload TEMPORARILY and indulge in stuff i like like
guitar and games ...

Today wasnt that syok afterall coz Dr Lan just had to spoil my much awaited
saturday with some darn Physics test. I hope i dont fail the test
tragically <-- is there such a word .. wahaha was able to solve about half of the
paper soo i hope my lucky star will shine bright ENOUGH for me to pass the test .. erm i dont hope to pass it with warna terbang 
tho ...

After finishing the darn test botak Lan just had to ruin my saturday further
with a inpromtu lecture WTF. so after some mumbo jambo bout wave oscillation
i finally got to go home. Had lunch with family at a restaurant near my place i
whacked so much foodd coz it was the first meal of the day (i starved till 3 pm ...
diet practice wahha) and also the first meal that i could actually taste since a
couple of days ago. For those who didnt knowi i caught a terrible gay flu that made my nose pour 30 galons of mucus everyday and i used so 
much of tissue 
that i think
i actually transformed a small portion of Earth into desert.

Reached home, practiced guitar.. as i have classes at 6 every sat, and my
guitar teacher is so gay that he actually shouts at me when i make mistakes.
WTF im 19 man dont shout at me like im some kindergarten donut. So after
practising boring homework pieces i did a few rounds of Canon in D and my
latest fetish Classical Gas. I did Romance d Amor (the one i arranged my self)
a few times too.. after bruising my fingertips for 2 and a half hours straight, i
went for guitar class at 6, for sommore bruising.

My teacher was in a good mood today and i got to test newly imported fresh
from the box never touched before guitars. Woah sound of the Spanish guitars
i tried was enough to give orgasms man. Yeah considering the fact that they
all fetch 4 to 5 figure prices.  After gaytar class i went to makan malam with
my family .. and now back at home im onlining. End of story.

By the way Streamyx is really in PMS mood lately... dammit i wish i could
shove a grenade into  their CEO's ass or somethin. alrite nites tata

**the second sentence of the last paragraph is merely a metaphoric
expression of the author's feelings. no offense to anyone or anything. :P
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another uni day

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sigh  i think i just f*cked up my Maths test. grr its not just any quiz
wokehh its a mid semester test! gosh  this is the only test that i really
studied hard for but knnbccbbbqsos i only managed to solve 3/5
questions. shitty right? NO im not depressed u guys know i never
get depressed over a mere piece of paper with questions on it right?

On the brighter side, 3 days ago, on Monday, waahhahah i Conquered
the Engineering Dynamics vehicle test. Ok before u start sayin OH
YEAH SO WHAT.. please have a look at what we were required to do.

There is a ramp, lifted at angle to the ground. There is a divider in the middle. Theres a fence at the edges of the ramp to prevent any vehicle from
 plunging to its doom.

Our vehicles are supposed to go up the ramp, and make a bloody U-turn,
then go down the ramp, to be eligible for the full 5 marks.

However, me and my labo partner william failed to come up with a design
for this assignment. So all we did was .... we used his old tamiya 4 wheel
drive Jeep, with NO extra modifications. all we hoped was for it to go up
the ramp and stay there to get half the marks. We didnt even think about
making the vehicle make  turn and come back down.

But being the legendary engineer that i am, with engineering blood in me,
something miraculous happened.

My vehicle went up, knocked into the divider, bounded back, knocked
into the damn divider again, bounced back, made  a 360 degrees tun,
went straight to the end of the ramp, knocked into the fence, bounced
back and R O L L E D  down the ramp. WHAHAHA  . FULL MARKS.

HEY its not luck okay! well the discovery of this trick was luck. But
Dr Keith(my lecturer) gave me 10 minutes to try it before making
3 official records. I did that superb stunt consistently for about 10
times alriteeee . Then when it matters most i screwed two of my
three official records. ( the vehicle rolled down at the wrong side of
the ramp, which resulted in negative displacement wtf). Then came
the final try. I scored, needless to say.

Well ...
 time for Operation De-stress aka gaming. tata
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3K Attack!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

went to taylors this morning with li anne .. met up with kavi n panmeen and adriano. after lunch we played foosball.

Joe vs Kavi aka Big Cat :  8-1
Adrian vs Panmeen:  Panmeen won but score unknown
Adrian & Joe vs Panmeen &Kavi : 5-4  ,   6-3
Joe & Kavi vs Panmeen + Adrian : 2-6   <---W t F

**Official Referee for all matches : Li Anne**

went to 3k to berenang after that.

lots of dives at deep end
acrobatics wtf whahaaha

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Late post ftw

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yo gays sorry for late post. i was too hardo-fied with uni work .. yeah a whole shitpile of uni work. Dynamics project, physics lab, physics assignment, chem lab, maths test ....woah ..mother. ..

anyway .. i had 2 jam sessions with BRAder Chan and Groundwalker this week. (oh no its not o2 jam its a guitar jam session. 2 acoustics + 1 classical) The two hardos are learning real fast  HEHE !
We managed to play Youre Beautiful by James Blunt, using 2 guitars (guitar 1 & guitar 2) playin different verses together .. and the harmony of the two tunes was awesome. HEHE. it roxx

hmm .. lookin forward to G16 outin tmr. Hardos lets rock!
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Sunday, April 1, 2007

    Yo guys ... time to see whos friend and whos not.


go there. answer the damn questions.  :p

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